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  12. Is there an English recording of Tannhauser, Lohengrin, Tristan&Isolde, and Parsifal?
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  15. Piano Concerto in Civilisation (1969)
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  23. Henri Stierlin - Pierre Barde : "L'Homme à la recherche de son passé", RTS
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  25. Uncredited Piano Piece from Babette's Feast - possibly a Minuet
  26. Roman Empire / Orpheus - Piano Elegy
  27. Rave Music Orchestral Choir sample
  28. Two pieces
  29. Three Clips
  30. Hungarian contemporary music here ?
  31. Classical? mediterranean/turkish? might shazam help?
  32. Les maîtres de la mer
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  34. Violin song
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  37. Raised By Wolves goes classical - help identify one piece
  38. help me identify this composition!
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  40. Confitebor Tibi Domine, but who composed the piece?
  41. May you help me for identifying this piece? thank you
  42. Can anyone help me?
  43. The name of these clips
  44. Trying to identify this 'Clarke Trumpet Voluntary' recording
  45. Beethoven's 21st Piano Sonata
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  55. I expect this will be too vague to identify and I have no audio of it.
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  57. Am trying to identify lyrics
  58. Orchestral piece beginning with two descending forte octaves
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  61. Song which starts with 5 rapid keystrokes (?)
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