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  1. Help identify section of Mahler's 9th
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  3. Which Is your favourite orchestra
  4. Piano piece after BBC horizon documentary about David Reimer
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  8. Konzerthausorchester Berlin on YouTube
  9. Word on Fired Podcast Music
  10. Excerpt from piano concerto(?), solemn and poignant
  11. Jane Eyre Aria
  12. How Would You Describe this Soundtrack?
  13. Which Mozart piece is this?
  14. Please help me identify this work
  15. Identify this piece, please
  16. Please help identify this piece
  17. How to distinguish between the 1861 and 1880 revisions of Liszt's Faust Symphony?
  18. Please help me identify this Wagner opera excerpt
  19. Please identify this piece which also has racing car sound effects at start and end
  20. I'd like to identify a musical piece played on Monty Dons Garden series
  21. anyone know who these are composed by?
  22. Any traditional Russian music experts here? Lend me your ear!
  23. how about this clip?
  24. Anyone know this piece?Need help!!
  25. Help identify popular classical song (20s, recorded)
  26. Help Identifying This Music Please
  27. A musical mystery from long ago ...
  28. I've been looking for this song for, no exageration, years...
  29. Composition Opera by Mozart in Amadeus movie
  30. Looking for a lead in a decade long string piece investigation...
  31. Debussey - Clair de Lune
  32. Unknown piece used in FX The Americans preview trailers
  33. Anyone can identify the title of this piece please? :)
  34. A mysterious minuet
  35. Identifying a piece
  36. HELP Pleaaase
  37. Please identify this fanfare
  38. Full piano piece. Can't identify
  39. Baroque instrumental music heard in a documentary on the European Habsburg dynasty
  40. Identification of classical music heard in documentary??
  41. I'm stuck on this chicken (je ne trouve pas cette poule!)
  42. Baroque music, sounds like it would be played in court..
  43. Name of the composition
  44. One music to identify
  45. What is this music?
  46. Please can you identify this BBC Countryfile 5th Feb 2017 piece
  47. Help identifying an old recording
  48. short strings recording repost
  49. Can't for the life of me remember this one piece!
  50. Bach- what piece is this, please?
  51. Identify VIOLONCELLO melody
  52. Who can identify this Orchestral piece?
  53. Organ piece that I played
  54. Can anyone identify this orchestral music?
  55. Can someone help with identifying this piano piece?
  56. can anyone identify this piece?
  57. Unknown Organ Piece
  58. World at war, music used, please help
  59. Anyone know what this plucky piece might be called? (attempted replica)
  60. Piano ballet music identify
  61. Please help me identify this three Piano its pure beauty!!
  62. Whose Masterpiece is this?
  63. Does anyone know the name of this violin piece?
  64. Debussy Performer
  65. Organ piece
  66. What music is this?
  67. Piano piece help
  68. Name of the composition
  69. Please help me identify a soundtrack from 'Incredible Medicine'.
  70. Track ID
  71. Can someone identify this orchestral fragment?
  72. J.S. Bach BWV 1004: Chaconne Piano Transcription Played by ???
  73. Help identifying this classical song?
  74. Background music
  75. Any one know the name of this piece(the background music)?