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  1. unknown violin sonata/solo ???
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  14. Music from a Sylvia Plath documentary.
  15. Lloyds Bank Music
  16. Need Your help guys, I can not find the name of it.
  17. Piece from Anime (Darker than Black)
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  19. Classical piece from National Geographic commercial
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  22. Feeling I should know what this is...
  23. Need help identifying this piano piece
  24. please help!
  25. From my childhood's ballet class...
  26. What in God's name is this
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  28. Where is this little theme from?
  29. Something from a modernist quartet bugging me
  30. Mozart Konzertantes Quartett
  31. reognize a small piano piece
  32. Orchestral piece (probably Russian)
  33. I guess this is a neo-classical piece...
  34. help me identify this song
  35. Song from Piano Keys 2
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  38. 20th C Orchestral Classical piece
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  41. Credit music for La Poupée Sanglante (1976)
  42. Unknown religious music
  43. Unknown motif from der Rosenkavalier
  44. Hungarian modernist piece
  45. Unknown piece of symphony embedded in a youtube clip
  46. Chopin piece in documentary
  47. Not much to work with
  48. A piece from the russian documentary film
  49. please help to identify this music piece!
  50. Piano Piece
  51. Adagio - Sheet Music
  52. Clarkson's Motorworld: Italy
  53. Identifying this piece - please help me :)
  54. New help identifying some of the pieces in the video (yuja wang!) :)
  55. Hi can you please identify this piece from Lady Diana's wedding?
  56. What's this piece of music from Margaret Thatcher's funeral
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  58. Name of Aria - can you help?
  59. What piece is this?
  60. Repost re "Clarkson's Motorworld, Italy"
  61. Need help to identify song
  62. help identify this dark choral
  63. Please help Identify this Piano piece - thanks in advance
  64. Please help with this violin and orchestra piece
  65. Possible Strauss polka/waltz?
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  67. A sweet violin piece played in an anime
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