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  25. whats this song
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  30. Help Please
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  34. Tiny Love Take Along Mobile
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  37. "Endeavour" [Morse], Season 1, Episode 2, Mozart Mass
  38. Piece of classical music from a documentary (sounds like Erik Satie)
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  44. Baroque (?) cello (?) piece
  45. Two pieces to identify
  46. Anyone be knowing the name of these songs?
  47. Can you identify this musical piece?
  48. Whats the name of the violin symphony played at 0:45??
  49. searching for this classical piece
  50. What is this? (Should be easy, very famous)
  51. A "Gloria" piece, anyone knows?
  52. Can someone help identify this violin piece?
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  54. This song I SWEAR is classical, but I have no idea what it is!
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  56. Please help on baroque keyboard piece
  57. Identifying piece from old Argentinean advertisement
  58. Can someone help me identify this piece please?
  59. Mom Pass Away Please Help
  60. Please could you help me identify these piano pieces
  61. Shazam / Google could not identify.... heard it on GPB (Georgia Public Broadcasting)
  62. Please help identify this piece of orchestral music and composer
  63. Anyone know the title and-or composer of this classical piece?
  64. Cello piece
  65. Trying to identify this piece for Wind ensemble
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  67. Help Identify A Sara Brightman Video
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  69. Daphnis et Chloé suite no.2, which recording is this??
  70. Angel by Tokio Myers
  71. Anyone knows who is playing and conducting Gorecky here?
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  73. “Other style” classical music
  74. Any ideas welcome!
  75. What is the actual name of this piece by Mozart?