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  1. Bach B-minor??
  2. What song is this?? Famous violin something
  3. Where is this ballet from?
  4. What piece is this?
  5. Identify piece from »Die Deutsche Wochenschau« 1944
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  7. Which Alleluia choral work is this?
  8. orchestrated Adagio - do you guess the original work ?
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  10. classical piece at 1:45
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  14. Please help me identify this, it seems very familiar
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  18. Solo piano piece identification
  19. Can anybody tell me the background piece/work of the video
  20. Please Identify This Raucous Piano/Orchestra Piece
  21. Need help identifying Holiday/Nutcracker song (not sure if it's either of those two)
  22. Famous Italian song
  23. can you identify this piece for me, pls
  24. Hennie
  25. Music from Mission invisible, Typhoon class submarine
  26. Identifying Classical Piece Transcribed to Video Game Music
  27. Identifying classical piece recorded awhile ago.
  28. Please help identify opera sample
  29. Need help identifying this piece on violin/piano
  30. Can anyone identify this classical piano piece?
  31. Which piano piece is this?
  32. Help needed!
  33. Identify This Intro to an Orchestral Piece
  34. Please identify this classical piano piece
  35. Can anyone help identify this music?
  36. Please help me identify this wonderful piece!
  37. Please help me identify the classical music that play in the background of this video
  38. Another famous classic which I can't place... accompanied by a beautiful music video!
  39. Can someone identify this piece please?
  40. Baby Einstein song
  41. Please help me find the name of this piece
  42. Classical composition with jazz saxophone
  43. More Baby Einstein
  44. Unknown purcell
  45. A tune in Florida suite by Frederick Delius
  46. What music is this?
  47. Does anybody know this piano piece? Important!
  48. Chamber piece used in Columbo episode 'Blueprint for Murder'
  49. Please help me identify the piece to which this phrase belongs...
  50. Can someone identify this popular piece?
  51. Can anyone identify this piece?
  52. I need help identifying this melody from a Russian show
  53. 2 Pieces from Amadeus
  54. Can you identify this piece please.
  55. From an anime...
  56. driving me crazy - please help me identify this piece?
  57. Is this piece based on another one?
  58. Looking for an author and title
  59. Need Some Help
  60. Looking for works like...
  61. Who can identify this magnificent piece that sounds like "O Fortuna"?
  62. need help identifying classical music in youtube video
  63. piece in V for Vendetta (no 1812 Overture)
  64. Unknown Contemporary Classical: Please Assist.
  65. HELP! Respighi - The Birds inspiration
  66. Music heard in a church in Poland
  67. Name This Classical Piece?
  68. Looking for an opera duet featuring minor second harmonies
  69. Please Help Identify this peace
  70. Please help identify this beautiful music
  71. Does anyone know the name of this piece?
  72. Help identify this piece.
  73. Please help me identify this piece
  74. Please help identify this opera
  75. Please help me identify this opera chorus