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  1. Help in identifying a piece
  2. Soprano Aria - eluding discovery!
  3. Identifying theme from Strauss' Violin Sonata in E♭
  4. Please help me identify this Mozart Minuet & Trio
  5. unknown symphony
  6. What is classical music?
  7. Welsh male choir singing something ?
  8. What's this Opera duet
  9. A curiuos mixed Opera chorus ?
  10. Igor Stravinsky as salesman
  11. Can you name this song please?
  12. What recording of Mozart's Requiem is?
  13. A kpop song,i heard at the beginning a familar classical piece, but don't know it?
  14. unkown piano piece
  15. Pavarotti aria from an opera which eludes me !
  16. A Soprano aria which sounds very Mozart ish
  17. Piano piece from a Soy Luna episode.
  18. Influences behind this film soundtrack
  19. Short Snippet From Comedy Scene
  20. Unknown symphonic piece or possibly video game music maybe?
  21. Can someone identify this piano concerto(?) From a YouTube video?
  22. song with horns/trumpets (its a long shot)
  23. Chanson
  24. Can anyone identify this?
  25. Love this piece, but don't know what it is
  26. What is this Schubert piece?
  27. Cant remember what this one is called
  28. this piece of music is driving me crazy
  29. Is this based on a legit composition or piece?
  30. Who and what was that?
  31. What is this piece?
  32. What Handel pieces are these
  33. What genre of music is this? (Spanish-sounding, from The Court Jester)
  34. What is this piece from the beginning of this video about John Free?
  35. Unknown piece - opera?
  36. Yo-Yo Ma on Sesame Street in 1987
  37. URGENT REQUEST: Erik Satie - Gnossienne 3 Trap Remix 6 minutes long
  38. What is this beautiful piece called ??
  39. Help identifying this for a dance
  40. KUSC symphonic piece
  41. Need help identifying this piece
  42. Help Id this classicalish piece
  43. Name of the piece (score)
  44. Please help identify Mozart piece from The Music of Man
  45. Anybpdy knows this tune? Please help!
  46. Help identifying a clarinet(?) solo by note sequence...
  47. Piano/strings work-- later romantic
  48. Classical Background Music (hard case i think...)
  49. Lovely piece of fast classical piano playing - Anyone recognise it?
  50. Help identyfing a song in a video
  51. Unknown composer signature
  52. Does anyone know what music this is?
  53. help with this classical pop piece!
  54. Help me identifying these classical melodies =)
  55. An elusive waltz in E minor
  56. Violin piece from "The Concert"
  57. Help me with the name of this piece and I'll thank you forever (Easy one)
  58. Help with a Horn Piece, please?
  59. Identify chamber music piece with spoken word
  60. unknown famous violin piece
  61. Magical-sounding Nutcracker-esque music with strings and celeste or harp?
  62. Please help me identify this piece
  63. Some help here please ? Is this Mozart ???
  64. piano piece from 'Letters from Baghdad' film/TV program
  65. Can someone help me find what this song is? I have the notes but cant find the name.
  66. Cello piece starting with pizzicato chords
  67. Identfying [Bach?]'s Music
  68. Hidden music in book spine
  69. Help appreciated with Vivaldi piece
  70. Who could identify this page attributed to JS Bach?
  71. Forgotten name of a work?
  72. classical in vienna
  73. 20th Century Orchestral Piece used in BBC Drama Doomwatch
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