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  1. Which version of the Bach Cello Suites is this?
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  11. Music from Serbia tourism advert
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  48. Is this RIMSKY?
  49. Short Film soundtrack
  50. Beautiful melody, I think it's by schubert but not sure
  51. Do anyone know this track? Skip to the middle of the video
  52. Do you now this opera track?
  53. I'll be grateful and amazed if anyone can identify this!
  54. Clip from Beethoven?
  55. Help please! (Beethoven piece)
  56. Through the Lions Gate
  57. Whirling orchestra, then extended french horn F# to E
  58. Who composed this cello+ piano piece?
  59. Bizet?
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  61. Do you recognize it?
  62. Piece from Barbie: Three Musketeers Sword Dance Scene
  63. Help identifying piano piece heard in store (recording attached)
  64. need help identifying violin piece
  65. Bom bom ba bom bom, bom bom ba ba BOM BOM + fast strings
  66. Who knows this symphony?
  67. Help identifying one of Mahler's pieces
  68. Help identify piece from a concert.
  69. Romantic European orchestral tune used for radio show in 60's. Please help!!
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  73. I need your help
  74. Is this a Shostakovich string quartet?
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