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  1. Searching for this piece for 20 years
  2. From what piece is this melody derived?
  3. Any & all help identifying this piece is greatly appreciated
  4. Mr Klein, Mansion Scene, String Quartet/Trio
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  15. Can't find a 19th piano piece by a slavic author, the theme is about orphan
  16. What Bach work is this based on?
  17. Please help
  18. Please help me identify this classical musica piece, probably from Vivaldi
  19. Please help me identify this piece of music
  20. Identify a piece from Bolshoi Babylon documentary
  21. Opera/operetta aria
  22. Had this in my music library for a while with the wrong name
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  25. Identifying the full piece/arrangement
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  27. I’ve heard this song many times but I do not know the name
  28. Help identifying a waltz
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  30. Please help me
  31. Unknown piece by Beethoven
  32. Unknown piece by Mozart
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  34. Music from my 95 year old landlord - song name?
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  37. Unknown Piano Piece
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  45. Can you identify this work?
  46. Heavenly female (or boys'?) choral music heard in an adaptation of Dante.
  47. Mystery piece with ominous feeling from written notes
  48. Encore piece at the end of Sinziana Mircea's recital
  49. What is this piece?
  50. Would love to know what this piece of music is!
  51. Can someone help me to Identify this piece
  52. Help needed to identify a song
  53. Probably a violin sonata
  54. Guys, I'm desperate! (Shostakovich, I think)
  55. Desperate for one of the best performances in music history...
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  57. Russian Military March - please can someone help me indentifying it?
  58. unknown violin piece
  59. What's this music?
  60. identify artists in Vivaldi
  61. unknown violin piece (perhaps Mozart or Haydn?)
  62. unknown autograph
  63. Haydn Burns Song
  64. Need Help Identifying a Work of Music
  65. Offering reward through PayPal for identifying song.
  66. Oscar the Grouch practices piano in 1979
  67. Victor Borge on Sesame Street in 1978
  68. Help in identifying this tune
  69. Tchaikovsky Polka peu dansante Op.51
  70. Violin concerto by Schnittke, or similar?
  71. Which piece is this
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  73. What composition this cello work is prt of?
  74. This Johann Strauss II piece
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