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  1. My favorite version of " La traviata"
  2. Bellini on DVD and Blu-ray
  3. Mozart on CD, DVD and Blu-ray
  4. Opera on DVD
  5. Donizetti on DVD and Blu-ray
  6. Bellini's 'La Sonambula' reviewed
  7. Miscellaneous opera on DVD and Blu-ray
  8. Tchaikovsky on DVD and Blu-ray
  9. Purcell on DVD and Blu-ray
  10. Handel on DVD and Blu-ray
  11. Wagner on DVD and Blu-ray
  12. Puccini on DVD and Blu-ray
  13. Lully on DVD and Blu-ray
  14. Rameau on DVD and Blu ray
  15. Monteverdi on DVD and Blu-ray
  16. Massenet on DVD and Blu-ray
  17. Verdi on CD, DVD and Blu-ray
  18. Der Freischutz
  19. Richard Strauss on CD, DVD, and Blu-ray
  20. Rossini on DVD and Blu-ray
  21. Bizet on DVD and Blu-ray
  22. Offenbach on DVD and blu-ray
  23. Janacek on DVD and Blu-ray
  24. French romantic opera on DVD and Blu-ray
  25. Prokofiev on DVD and Blu-ray
  26. Regrets, regrets: biggest DVD mistakes
  27. Opera on CD
  28. Russian opera on DVD and Blu-ray
  29. Berlioz on DVD and blu-ray
  30. Berg on DVD and Blu-ray
  31. Italian romantic opera and Verismo on DVD and Blu-ray
  32. Modern opera on DVD and Blu-ray
  33. Do you want a subforum for opera DVD's?
  34. What I've Seen ON DVD So Far
  35. About those four...
  36. In business
  37. Britten on DVD and Blu-ray
  38. We need to get organized
  39. Gluck on DVD and Blu-ray
  40. Operetta on DVD and Blu-ray
  41. Weber on DVD and blu-ray
  42. Martha (Flotow)
  43. Most authoritative DVD/Blu-ray versions by wide consensus
  44. Project: list of recommended DVD/blu-ray versions for our Top 100 operas
  45. Most terrible crap in the history of opera on DVD/blu-ray
  46. Opera on DVD/Blu-ray/CD Chat
  47. The Talk Classical Most Recommended Opera DVD's
  48. DVD/Blu-ray equipment and media
  49. Ground Rules for this sub-forum - please read before posting
  50. Latest DVD purchases
  51. Met Player or Blu-ray
  52. Opera recitals, concerts, and documentaries on DVD and blu-ray
  53. Future opera releases on DVD and Blu-ray
  54. Project - top ten DVDs-Blu-Rays with the best singing/conducting/orchestra
  55. Favorite director on Dvd
  56. DVDs that make you go WOW now i understand it!
  57. Records labels releasing DVDs/BDs
  58. Productions you WISH were available on DVD and Blu-ray
  59. Which Pieces Do You Have The Most Versions Of On Recording?
  60. The Talk Classical Most Recommended Opera CDs Project
  61. Should we rename this subforum to include the CD category?
  62. The Talk Classical Most Recommended Opera CDs
  63. Opera/ art song recitals on CD & MP3 Album
  64. Recordings of Donizetti's Elisir d'Amore
  65. Donizetti on CD
  66. Gounod on DVD
  67. Boito operas on disc - Mefistofele
  68. WAGNER on cd.
  69. Who do you wish would have recorded Wagner's Ring?
  70. French opera on cd
  71. Who's the best Fiordiligi?
  72. My idea: a new studio recording of Wagner's Ring, not audio only, but a movie
  73. Pop star ring???????????????
  74. Your favorite Songs from the Auvergne?
  75. Maria Callas.....again?.....