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  1. Okay, like the mod said, let's continue our discussion about Wagner and nazis...
  2. If Christ was a composer what would his music sound like?
  3. Was Wagner religious?
  4. Should the BBC Proms drop Rule, Britannia?
  5. MPR's only black classical host fired
  6. This is getting old...
  7. Religious rituals and COVID-19
  8. Feedback on a new compositional technique in a symphonic poem "Trump & Circumstances"
  9. Is Modern Art Political?
  10. Why does 'classical music' and the arts thrive under socialist systems ...
  11. the politics of objective greatness in art
  12. "God Given Talent"
  13. What Drives Creativity In Compositions?
  14. Politics and Frederic Rzewski's The People United will Never Be Defeated
  15. The reality of life for contemporary composers
  16. Was Beethoven religious?
  17. What is your prediction on the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on classical music?
  18. How do we bring back Classical Music for the Average Joe ?
  19. any music philosopher recommendations?
  20. English Touring Opera (ETO) Goes Woke .....
  21. Robert Craft on Shostakovich: Was he correct?
  22. Seriously, what do we mean when we say "elitism" or "elitist" about classical music?
  23. The lack of female composers
  24. The Dark Side Of Music
  25. Is the (Relative) Tuneful Conservativism of Prokofiev of Shostakovich...