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  1. Adolf Hitler used to listen to Jewish and Russian musicians
  2. Composers and religion. . .
  3. Are Listeners Permitted To Dislike, And Express Such Dislike, Of Pieces Of Music?
  4. Most fertile political soil for classical music?
  5. How much of your country's budget goes to the arts?
  6. Stalin and that other guy...
  7. The best national anthem in your opinon?
  8. Best former national anthems
  9. Propaganda music
  10. Composers who resisted tyrannical regimes
  11. Stockhousen's Horrific comments about 9/11
  12. LPAC TV - Lyndon Larouche
  13. Religion, politics, and musical taste
  14. Should women conduct?
  15. Humble suggestion for a new work
  16. PC - or not PC?
  17. The Effect of Church Music
  18. Valery Gergiev Controversy
  19. 'Music is the only sensual pleasure without vice' - Is this true?
  20. Soundtrack for Invasion of the Ukraine
  21. A Symphonic Salute To The Republic Of Ukraine
  22. Was Gustav Mahler an antisemite?
  23. Talent.........God given or the luck of the draw?
  24. The Political Implications of Abstraction and Modernism
  25. Opera singer barred due to alleged vilification of gays
  26. Do political viewpoints/actions of musicians/composers alter your opinion of them?
  27. Can you enjoy art, or music from people you disagree with politically or morally?
  28. Jordi Savall Refuses Spanish Music Award.
  29. Sexualisation of women in the classical music industry
  30. American politics, oceans, and classical music
  31. Furtwangler: Hero of Villain?
  32. Interview
  33. Letter of Witness
  34. Hitler and Wagner
  35. The Communist Manifesto, by Erwin Schulhoff
  36. wonderfull idea about classical music
  37. class, race, and classical music
  38. zen buddhism and cage
  39. classical music that was banned by christians as heretic?
  40. Anti-Wagner Sentiment Outside the US?
  41. Henri Dutilleux commemorative plaque controversy
  42. How come Jews are so prominent in classical music?
  43. Beethoven and Race
  44. Valentina Lisitsa vs Toronto Symphony
  45. Beethoven's Ninth as Critique of Ideology - Slavoj Zizek
  46. Why do critics think that American minorities are causing the death of orchestras?
  47. Letter to ROH
  48. German Composers and Naziism
  49. VPO still practicing Nazi policy?
  50. Is there a correlation between political orientation and love for classical music?
  51. Karajan's politics and Mahler's religion
  52. Wagner Reexamined
  53. Deja vu all over again
  54. Was JS Bach an atheist?
  55. Would the Great Composers be Conservative, Moderate or Liberal?
  56. Who would classical composers vote for in this election?
  57. classical composer or musicians that did a faustian pact im dead sereous
  58. Does music and religion really go together?
  59. Trump, the Opera
  60. Which Composers were the Most Political?
  61. music and politics
  62. New Opera Ideas for John Adams
  63. Is it hard for you to listen to religious music when you're in turmoil?
  64. Bach and Luther
  65. New Operas, Ballets & Other Music About Donald Trump
  66. DG release: "Karl Böhm: The Operas" - ethical question...
  67. Proposed elimination of arts funding
  68. Does Classical Music Study Turn One Against Liberalism?
  69. Was it anti-Semitic or was it just a criticism of the Israeli government?
  70. Claude Goudimel & Protestantism in France
  71. My message to the youth, seek light and love before darkness and death in classical?
  72. How does the law ACTA work, here a case of double standard I dont get.
  73. Year 666 and 1666 satanic years, what if ...
  74. Did you know that "Classical Music is Inherently Racist?"
  75. I am a communist, very much on the left, but he's still a favourite composer of mine