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  1. Indian Religious Music
  2. Cantatas de JSBach
  3. Ducks In A Row and Sacridity: Mozart and Haydn as Spiritual Tools
  4. Favorite Agnus Dei setting?
  5. Hymns
  6. The Book of Mormon in classical music
  7. Recommendations for acapella choral music?
  8. music that makes you want to go to church
  9. hymns from family radio
  10. Messiaen's late organ music
  11. Enjoying religious music while not religious
  12. OST from "The leftovers"
  13. exorcism music
  14. Dvorak Te Deum
  15. Please recommend sacred works for female choir
  16. Your Favorite English Language Sacred Music
  17. Recs for KJV psalm settings
  18. Calling all pagans
  19. Sacred music; what have you been listening to lately?
  20. Why is 4'33" disparaged, while Western forms of sacred music get their own forum?
  21. Depictions of saints in classical music
  22. Rachmaninov all night vigil ''vespers'' op 37
  23. St John Passion
  24. The spirituality of Morton Feldman's works
  25. Mozart's masonic works vs. his catholic works
  26. Stainer's Crucifixion
  27. Laibach for Easter
  28. Christian Music from 'Elsewhere' (non-Eurocentric cultures)
  29. Ludus Danielis - Drama litúrgico medieval
  30. Spiritual directions in Mahler's works
  31. Ars Nova and Ars Subtilior in Religious Music
  32. Sacred music that excites?
  33. The most beautiful sacred music i heard so far...
  34. Favorite Mozart Requiem?
  35. mozart and brahms requiems
  36. George Lloyd: Symphonic Mass
  37. Berlioz on Mozart's Requiem
  38. Spiritual & Sacred Slow Movements
  39. Spiritual & Sacred Instrumental Fast Movements
  40. Webern: Atonality is Oneness with god
  41. The Crucifixion Symphonic poem
  42. Ton Koopman to Barcelona...
  43. The spirituality of Bach's instrumental works (preferably works for solo instrument)
  44. What lead you to religious music?
  45. Bach Cantatas iOS app
  46. Gregorian Chant acompanied with organ music
  47. Old piece of sheet music a chant?
  48. Choices, choices, choices.............
  49. Música Sacra: Sacred Music of Brazil
  50. Similar music to : Vivaldi - Stabat Mater RV 621
  51. JCS
  52. Orthodox Church Choral Music
  53. Joseph Noyon: L'enfance de l'Immaculee
  54. A Love Supreme but not Coltrane / Dedication to Frederik Magle and his baby daughter
  55. Not the biggest religious music fan...
  56. Favorite music for Advent
  57. A Capella Works by Bach, Handel, Vivaldi?
  58. Hieromonk Roman (composing since 1985)
  59. Recommendations for Tragic / Sad Choral Music
  60. Favourite Vivaldi Aria
  61. Hallelujah?
  62. For that Heavenly Day of Increase
  63. Erik Satie - Messe des Pauvres (Mass for the Poor)
  64. BEST 7 Church Songs ever - Happy EASTER day
  65. The Worcester Fragments
  66. Mozart's Incomplete Masterpiece - The C Minor Mass (K. 427)
  67. Music for a Lenten Retreat
  68. sacred music or religious music scared some people or repel em
  69. Gardiner's latest Bach B minor mass
  70. Handel's Theodora on you tube
  71. Ask Your Questions About the Mass Form Here
  72. "Religious" can be a structural term which transcends and supercedes other ideas
  73. A hypothetic question for believers, what classical composer would Satan hate?
  74. let's talk about stunning mass, shall we?
  75. tomorrow to celebrate easter i will be playing religious music marathon