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  1. Wonderful performance of Franz Schmidt's "Das Buch mit sieben Siegeln"
  2. Verdi's Requiem
  3. Old Roman Chant
  4. Tempo, sonority, vocality in 9th century music
  5. Is Solesmes Chant HIP?
  6. do you have a favorite hymn?
  7. Gabriel Fauré's Requiem
  8. An Older Boxed Set
  9. Was Schubert a Catholic?
  10. Masses similar to Haydn's
  11. J. S Bach The complete liturgical year in 64 cantatas
  12. Max Reger's Sacred Work
  13. When did composers start writing sacred choral music for mixed SATB choruses?
  14. Alexander Breth-Smith, (obscure?) composer
  15. Getting started with sacred music
  16. Christoph Graupner - Lent is the best time to get into this giant of sacred music
  17. Underrated gem I: Bach's Gloria from his Mass in F Major, BWV 233.
  18. Favorite Dies irae
  19. Christoph Graupner - Chorale for the 2nd Sunday of Lent 1737
  20. Islamic Sacred Music
  21. Christoph Graupner - Chorale for the 3rd Sunday of Lent 1753
  22. Engleskyts Norwegian religious folksongs
  23. Easter 2020
  24. Palestrina's Masses
  25. Bach - Ach herr, lass dein lieb Engelein - with score.
  26. Psalm 22 in Classical Music - "Deus, Deus meus"
  27. Similar music to "Le Chant des Templiers"?
  28. Help in tackling Bach's Cantatas
  29. Religious Music Without Lyrics
  30. Rossini Petite Messe Solennelle
  31. Masses by English Composers
  32. I surrender all
  33. My "all time" favorite Choir works
  34. Do we have any German scholars in the house?!
  35. JS Bach
  36. Otto Klemperer’s St John Passion
  37. Biber "Missa Salisburgensis a 54" *(1682)
  38. Do we have any Lutherans in the House, please?!
  39. Scholarly bias against non-HIP recordings (Bach)?
  40. Fire at French Cathedrals and recordings of organ works
  41. What is the Choir Singing?
  42. I am amazed by all the spiritual music written by atheist composers
  43. Underrated gem II: Johann Kunau's Magnificat in C Major (Bach's predecessor.}
  44. How do you listen to 15th-18th cent Mass recordings?
  45. Brahms Chorale Preludes for Organ
  46. Is Religious Music Really Real?
  47. Noel III
  48. Berlioz's Requiem on CD
  49. O Antiphons
  50. "Tragic" Baroque Sacred Music Recommendations
  51. Questions about Masses
  52. Anton Bruckner. TE DEUM. What's your favourite version?
  53. Anthony Sylvestre - Quand Je Me Repose (for soprano & orchestra)
  54. What are the manliest-sounding classical religious songs/sacred music?
  55. Jan Dismas Zelenka, the "Czech Bach's" miraculous Missa Gratias agimus tibi. ZWV 13.
  56. J.D Zelenka's 2 Magnificat settings, ZWV 107 & 108 in C and D Major respectively.
  57. Modern music for Easter
  58. Is there anything more personal, beautiful and spiritual than Andre Campra's Requiem?
  59. Ave Maria - Anthony Sylvestre
  60. Western classical music in 16th-18th century Asia?