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  1. How many Wind Band conductors are here?
  2. Building a Los Angeles Area Brass Community
  3. Flutes in unison?
  4. Clarinet fluttertongue
  5. Tell us your woodwind & brass story.
  6. I am Former clarinetist starting over from the beginning.
  7. Help! I forgot to read sheet music!
  8. Standard American.
  9. Just started playing clarinet again after 16yrs
  10. Flute
  11. I bought a flute
  12. My daughter has given up playing the flute.
  13. Why are bagpipes out of tune?
  14. Composing for wind instruments
  15. Eybler clarinet concerto
  16. Atcl?
  17. Trombonists, rejoice!
  18. Question about instruments
  19. Best orchestral brass sections
  20. Various questions about wind instruments in general
  21. Bagpipe lung!
  22. Bassoon left hand whisper lock key
  23. Clarinet Embouchure Collapse/Dystonia
  24. Serious Solo Recorder Repertoire (mostly Renaissance and Baroque)
  25. Playing brass with braces
  26. Brass Quartet/Quintet
  27. Wind instrument for MIDI input?
  28. Playability of this horn part?
  29. Question about appropriate content
  30. My Recent Clarinet Story
  31. Would a wind controller better help me understand wind instruments in general?
  32. Mozart Clarinet Quintet Sheet Music
  33. What are your favorite original chamber works for brass?
  34. Ocarina versus Native American Flute
  35. Excerpt of a piece for flute and percussion by composer Doug Lofstrom
  36. Any chamber music flautists here?
  37. Basset Horn Players?
  38. Meditative video based on solo flute piece
  39. Favorite Woodwind sections
  40. Brass Quintet Music
  41. My current weaknesses... in composing
  42. Question for bassoonists: Rite of Spring
  43. Playability of this oboe part?
  44. Learning correct fingering vs transposing by default when playing a 2nd instrument
  45. Is there a name for this technique?
  46. Baroque oboe - which pitch (to play with natural trumpet and alone)?
  47. Any good ideas of where to download mp3 accompaniments of classical r baroque sonats?
  48. Conversations with horn legends Julie Landsman and Julia Pilant
  49. Potential Adult Horn Beginner
  50. Oboe orchestral part playability
  51. Name of instrument?
  52. Any old tubing?
  53. Romantic Woodwind Concertos?
  54. Baroque bassoon, oboe, flute etc.
  55. Flute Player Here
  56. Favorite trumpet solos?
  57. Intermediate clarinet solos?
  58. 9th and higher harmonics
  59. Looking for (popular) good flute players
  60. new Pieces for wind quartet
  61. Baroque trumpet mouthpiece on a modern trumpet
  62. renaissance cornetto
  63. Baroque flute
  64. B flat Trumpet range
  65. A piece for Bassoon
  66. Trombone part playability
  67. Moldau
  68. Playing an old clarinet
  69. The saddest piece composed for the oboe?
  70. Help me learn brass harmonization
  71. Some Questions
  72. Transposed Scores for Bassoon
  73. Bach's Air for Saxophone Quartet
  74. Bach's Air for Quartet of Wagnertuben and Tuba or Horns
  75. resource that is still working