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  1. Please help identifying these piano pieces
  2. Help with This Songs From Video
  3. Identify This Emotional Soundtracks?
  4. Need help identifying this piece
  5. Does anybody know whose voice is this? And what is the name of the song?
  6. The title and the name of the composer?
  7. Please help identify this
  8. Can anyone suggest the composer of this work?
  9. Help identifying classical piece from old cassette...
  10. Could someone please help identifying this piece of music from The Apprentice?
  11. Please help me identify this piece of music?
  12. Another piece from Apprentice UK
  13. Mystery piano piece - possibly lieder?
  14. Piano piece played at the end of the Black Party 1992 DJ Micheal Fierman
  15. Urgent - help identify waltz piece
  16. Identify this string piece, please
  17. Music from "Cannibal Tours"
  18. You're a genius if you get this
  19. Need help identifying 4 pieces by tomorrow
  20. Help identify 2 pieces
  21. Please help identifying piano song
  22. please help identify
  23. Space Ghost: Coast to Coast Classical Piece
  24. Help me identify a (contemporary?) music piece in this Youtube video
  25. What is the name of this piece?
  26. help identifying a piece inside a song...
  27. Help identifying short clip
  28. Please help me identify this piece for piano and violin by Brahms
  29. Please help identify this piano music
  30. Please help identify this Mozart piece..thankyou!!!!!!!!!!
  31. What is the name of this song?
  32. What's the title/composer?
  33. Can you help with identifying this tune?
  34. Hello. Will you help me identify this piece of classical music?
  35. Please help ID this song
  36. Unknown Song Clips from old tape
  37. Russian/Soviet vocal piece
  38. Help! Can someone please help me identify this piece? is it Aaron Copland?!
  39. What is the name of this piano work?
  40. Please Help. G&S related question.
  41. Please, help me with this!
  42. Help!!
  43. What is the title of this piece?
  44. i need help with this piano piece from movie
  45. Is this actually a part of Mozart's Great Mass in C minor?
  46. Does anybody know this?
  47. Help Identify this (aria?) please?
  48. Baroque piece
  49. British post WW2 classical piece
  50. can you name this piece?
  51. someone to watch over me
  52. Mystery Classical Piece...Please Help
  53. Not even sure if this IS a classical piece..
  54. Need help 4 baroque
  55. Baroque theme help
  56. Mystery Classical Piece #2...Please Help
  57. Hope someone here can help me name this piece!!
  58. Please help! acid jazz, more like jazz with audio, also may be an anime soundtrack
  59. English classical piece - oriental style about birds (i think)
  60. Please help identify background piece on youtube clip
  61. It's driving me crazy
  62. Looking for the name of this music...
  63. Identify classical piece by .wav + some notes picture
  64. Need help with a song, should be fairly simple..
  65. Looking To Identify a Song From a Child's Toy, Believed to be Classical
  66. does anyone know this piece ....
  67. I need help finding out the name of this song from an old pro wrestling video
  68. What's this piece I used in an 8mm film many years ago....?
  69. Unknown orchestral piece from TV commercial
  70. Great piece in viral video?
  71. Audio from a youtube video
  72. Anyone know title or composer of this piano piece?
  73. Need help identifying piece
  74. Unspecified piano piece from youtube video
  75. Identifying the original compose,,, Pls help me !!