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  1. Violin music from video
  2. Short piece from Nadia Boulanger documentary
  3. Help needed identifying background music
  4. 10 seconds of tasty piano
  5. I'm looking for a piece of music I know nothing about
  6. Can anyone identify from a few seconds of this clip?
  7. Music on BBC trailer http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01qjgtx - identify please
  8. May I please ask can you identify this piece on piano
  9. May I also please ask if you are able to identify this piano piece
  10. Please help me identify this piece by Purcell
  11. Now this must be a classical piece
  12. If someone can identify this I will be grateful
  13. Looking for the name of this background track from a documentary...
  14. Trying to remember a song
  15. Song writer or composer from Russia
  16. If someone helped me identify this piece, I'd be forever grateful!
  17. This is a long shot but I'm hopeful
  18. Help identifying this piece from one of the masters
  19. From the ice skating
  20. id this please
  21. I think is russian. Help identifying
  22. Is this Paul Mauriat's music?
  23. Can anyone identify the background piece in this?? So desperate to find it....
  24. Music Identification from (2) .wav files
  25. Identify this song
  26. Searching for this piece used in a hiphop promotion video (Not sure if classical)
  27. Famous Music!! Needs Identifying!!
  28. A piece, maybe by Mendelssohn?
  29. Identify this piece for me, please -
  30. Winter games opening
  31. Classical piano music
  32. need help IDing something from The Simpsons
  33. Which Mozart piece is this?
  34. Melody I can't track down to a piece of music
  35. music from a youtube video
  36. What is this piano piece?
  37. help identify piano intro on youtube video
  38. Cello in the TV series Elegant Universe
  39. Help identifying this baroque overture(?)
  40. The truth about the Grey Poupon commercial
  41. Where else have I heard this melody??
  42. desperation...
  43. Please someone help me identify this music
  44. Music used in BBC Saturday Night Theatre
  45. Tchaikovsky is that you?
  46. Help recognize track please
  47. Songs on the Vacheron Constantin's Youtube Channel
  48. Please help identify this song from TV documentary.
  49. can anyone lend a ear ?
  50. Please help recognize song!!!
  51. Please help identifying unknown music!
  52. Name of this Beethoven song?
  53. Need The Name of This Piece (Link Inside)
  54. Does anyone know what work these fragments are from?
  55. Help with identifying this piece, please
  56. Fast cello piece from Rostropovich docu
  57. help me identify this piece by Bach, please (guitar TAB no sound)
  58. A supposedly classical piece i heard in a documentary about the first world war (bbc)
  59. A Classical piece with mostly horns of some type - Help
  60. Help identifying an opera I listened to and loved!
  61. Help identifying a piece for harp solo
  62. Would you please help me identify the waltz?
  63. Can you help identify this piano music?
  64. Help me find this piano piece.
  65. Help
  66. Desperate to Identify this Piece: "Breath, Blood, and Water"???
  67. Please help me with this piece
  68. ITV's Endeavour - Series 2, 'Trove'
  69. Can anyone help identify this piece?
  70. Please help me find this earworm!
  71. One last try
  72. Haunting Vocal Soundtrack Piece
  73. looking for this music, plase help me!
  74. Help with identifying this song
  75. Debussy piece mysteriously reminiscent of some other piece