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  1. Timpani range
  2. cajon for ethnic/hardrock song
  3. what are these ?
  4. Accompanied percussion pieces
  5. rythmic solfege resources for contemporay music?
  6. Abit of help needed
  7. Shostakovich's 7th Symphony
  8. What is the name of this percussion instrument?
  9. What type of instrument makes this sound?
  10. Any idea what this instrument is?
  11. Is Tom Lenny the best stump fiddler of the 21st Century?
  12. Celtic tribal rhythms - The Fire and Thunder of Scotland...
  13. Drum-making
  14. Does an Electronic Tympani Drum Set Exist?
  15. Is a forte tympani good when the orchestra is at piano?
  16. Congas anyone?
  17. Hello I'm a Gong Player
  18. Hear Rare Idiophones
  19. Marimbas don't play the written notes
  20. An Evening with Jean Wiener: Music for Accordion, Harmonica, and Nightingale
  21. Bells