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  1. Nails or Fingertips - Classical Guitar
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  5. Quality of microphones on a cello
  6. Cosmology and Strings
  7. Returning to music
  8. Viola Concerto
  9. What would you reccomend for a beginner?
  10. playability of a composition
  11. Do you take the guitar seriously as a musical instrument?
  12. Mendelssohn Concerto In E Minor - Fingering?
  13. Music for Double Bass?
  14. How to play fast rhythms on the guitar
  15. Sitar music
  16. Am I too old to learn the viola?
  17. What is a good viola to buy?
  18. Help me identify this string instrument
  19. Classical guitar
  20. Ukelele
  21. Did anyone see the Bonnie Hunt Show earlier this week???
  22. Help with repertoire
  23. I need biography of Edouard Nanny (Contrabass virtuoso)
  24. Paul Tortelier
  25. Getting into Classical and Neoclassical on Pickstyle Guitar
  26. Escala Official Video
  27. Modern/Avant-Garde Cello
  28. Classical Guitar Question
  29. Unaccompanied cello music
  30. Violinists, Is it worth it?
  31. Sites for Bass Sheet Music?
  32. Am I too old to get into a specialist music school?
  33. How often should violin strings be changed
  34. Instrument pickups.
  35. Small Viola
  36. Lovely viola pieces?
  37. I'm really really broke but i want my cello!
  38. Walton's Viola Concerto - Making the Case for Genius
  39. Flesh VS. Fingernails for guitar
  40. "Terra Aria" on Viola da Gamba
  41. Learning Sitar ON LINE
  42. Classical guitar recital suggestions?
  43. Harpist Roll Call
  44. Restringing a violin with viola strings?
  45. viola da gamba goes contemporary 2nd act
  46. Depicted violin picture
  47. Saved from the 'tip'
  48. Some music backing for solo violin
  49. I'm getting an urge to buy this
  50. What are your thoughts on the classical guitar? (GUITARISTS PLEASE ABSTAIN)
  51. plectrum music
  52. Classical indian sitar... anyone?
  53. Violin or cello?
  54. How do I judge how good a guitarist I am?
  55. 4 girls 4 harps, a thumbs up to........
  56. J.Strauss for string quartet/quintet pdf
  57. violin, tuning, strings and fretboard
  58. Left handed violinists.
  59. How to advance your violin techniques?
  60. I'm a violist, but I want to take up violin too.
  61. The NEOLIN
  62. Beethoven Violin Concerto
  63. Crazy violion music
  64. Need help buying a concerto of Vivaldi!!
  65. Looking for a skilled guitarist around here for...
  66. Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass Solo Repertoire Survey
  67. Flirtatious piece on electric violin
  68. LAPhil Presents Hilary Hahn Plays Tchaikovsky, Friday-Sunday, December 10-12 at Walt
  69. Unreal version of Canon in D by German cello player
  70. Two person double bass?
  71. Beethoven Virus
  72. What grade?
  73. Writing for harp
  74. Violin Beginner.
  75. Playing cello ans work out