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  1. My custom-made bass from start to finish
  2. Thinking of learning to play viola
  3. Student Violin Outfits
  4. Finding the right shoulder rest position? (Violin)
  5. String Specialists in London
  6. L'Orchestre de Contrebasses
  7. The Evolution of the Double Bass and the Orchestra
  8. Classical pieces for electric bass
  9. Romantic Guitar, Bardenklenge op13 n°10 by Johann Kaspar Mertz
  10. Any Pianist to Violinist Experience/Advice?
  11. Tell us your strings story!
  12. Quartets played by the whole string section
  13. Pizzicato Notation
  14. Bach's Double Violin Concerto
  15. David Popper during nap
  16. David Popper before, during and after naps.
  17. Violin - Discomfort trying to pull straight, full bows
  18. Instrument identification - 7 stringed Russian instrument
  19. Can Short People Play the Upright Bass?
  20. Cello
  21. Advice on buying a relatively cheap violin
  22. Can anybody advise on which Cello to get please
  23. HEY Atlanta TSA--Stop breaking basses!
  24. A Bass Photo Album
  25. Guitar--the awful truth
  26. The torment of playing viola
  27. Handedness?
  28. Antonio Sanchez guitar model 1017 identification.
  29. Serious composition for Electric Guitar
  30. Non-fretted String instruments and microtonal music development
  31. Enharmonic harp parts
  32. Circular Harp Glissando?
  33. Got myself a classical guitar
  34. Violin to Violincello
  35. Hardanger fiddle
  36. Learning Prokofiev now
  37. Guitar/music advice from a conductor
  38. Violin piece to show a 5 year old?
  39. Advice on Music and Exercises to get really good at Violin
  40. Two contrasting pieces for an audition. Completely lost.
  41. Any mandolinists here?
  42. Which instrument is more difficult: violin or bass violin?
  43. Contemporary cello concerts?
  44. Bela Bartok solo Sonata (1944) for guitar
  45. New recording E. W. Korngold violin sonata in Estonia, Tallinn
  46. HELP NEEDED - Rebec?
  47. Violin Program in Switzerland
  48. Modern and Baroque Violin video.
  49. Bach's solo violin music
  50. Do violin players deserve special sympathies because their instrument is hard?
  51. Playing the Bach Cello Suites
  52. Stradivari and Guarneri violins
  53. Identity Crisis: Cello, Upright Bass, or Fretless Bass Guitar
  54. NYT article on Stradovarious
  55. Classical music for guitar
  56. Variations of Simple Folk Music like Vieuxtemps' Yankee Doodle or Paganini's
  57. Bach Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue for guitar
  58. Double stops for double basses
  59. Any program in Salzburg for amateur musicians?
  60. Secrets of the Double Bass
  61. Mandolin Technique
  62. Cello 4 or 5 (or 6) strings?
  63. Need help understanding the range of the Octobass
  64. Does string volume depend on the number of players?
  65. What is your opinion of this violin Ted Talk?
  66. You have ONE WISH for your playing - what will it be?
  67. Paganini Caprice No 6 difficulty?
  68. Passacaglias
  69. Violin-maker's shop
  70. My latest acquisition
  71. General tips for safe storing a violin while you go for vacation
  72. Cello Question
  73. Bach-Sonatas and Partitas
  74. Bowing Questions
  75. Classical Mandolin performances