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  1. Transposing from Cello to Violin
  2. Playing Edition of Bach Cello Suites (on the cello)
  3. Is there a difference between a staccato pluck, and a non staccato pluck?
  4. Cello double stop
  5. Double Bass
  6. Unexpected Symmetries - solo double bass with video
  7. Ghastly airline sstory
  8. Scherzo from Concerto for String Orchestra
  9. Viola question
  10. Learning violin as an adult?
  11. A good book... ?
  12. What hand do I decide to play with? (Violin)
  13. What is Your Favourite Mozart Violin and Piano Sonata?
  14. Giovanni Battista Viotti
  15. The Violin Concerto: A Historical Journey
  16. Help Please, which Violin Concerto is this?
  17. Looking for Viola store/Luthier in Paris and Barcelona
  18. Looking for the best cello luthier in the Vancouver/Victoria area BC, Canada
  19. Beethoven's late quartets
  20. 'Playing along with videos or cds' - bad or good practice?
  21. Cellists who play Bach's Suite No. 1 for Cello, BWV1007, can we talk?
  22. Name of this instrument?
  23. What is that technic called?
  24. Deciphering Model Numbers (Viola)
  25. Composing a canon for Piano quintet, immediately I have balance issues.
  26. World's largest violin collection
  27. Writing a Cello Sonata for the first time
  28. Violin Strings and Rosin
  29. looking for a solo cello piece for film
  30. Acceptable number of cents off?
  31. updated Bach double violin please
  32. Is the Ukulele ever featured?
  33. Cello and violin duet; Cello Melody
  34. Lute music and other Lute subjects.
  35. Thinking of Getting a New Violin - Advice?
  36. Violin pieces suitable for patients of PTSD?
  37. Violin info?
  38. What would be considered the old and new testament for violin?
  39. Composing non-boring strings
  40. Splitting 'cello and bass
  41. Impossible double-stop in Schumann Piano Quintet?
  42. Journals and Magazines for the Cello
  43. A classical guitar for beginners
  44. Uros Baric, classical guitarist
  45. Seeking cellists (south of Boston, Massachusetts)
  46. Question about violin technique/style
  47. Helpful Suzuki Violin Guide (YouTube) for violin students and self learners.
  48. Mendini violins
  49. Harp advice needed ASAP
  50. Rossini violin
  51. The Scottish Fiddler
  52. Viola string problems?
  53. Playing Music for Dancing
  54. Rural New England fiddle music
  55. Need advice on arranging second movement
  56. Violin double stop with “normal” note and harmonic
  57. Luthiers - how many clamps would this take?
  58. Stupid Questions About the Violin
  59. Help! Advice on how to play violin with a really short pinky
  60. Folk and Classical
  61. Giuseppe Marconcini Viola (1840): Request for Information
  62. Is it possible to be a professional cellist when we're 12 year old?
  63. How to make a violin fit in religious music? (My first post)
  64. Fun, Interactive Resource for Music Educators!
  65. Schubert and cello
  66. about antique violin that we cant identify
  67. Franco-Belgian school of violinists
  68. For cellists: Beethoven late quartets
  69. unaccompanied intermediate violin pieces
  70. Hear Rare String Instruments
  71. Video about Bach
  72. Modern Double Bass Concertos
  73. Identify Historic Doublebassist on this Picture
  74. Fascinating new violin bow
  75. Write your own guitar stuff?