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    Don't worry, this forum is not going anywhere. (Yes, it's that slow.)
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    Best of luck WV! I know what you mean about school being exhausting and hope that you are able to sort things out. Keep chilling to the great music and we always enjoy your comments here on TC.
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    I have a couple more miniatures we can listen to sometime if you'd like. I feel that Alkan was just as much a master with small scale works as he was with large scale works.
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    HarpsichordConcerto: Yes, the orchestra was pitched at A=415. I liked the harpsichord quite a lot, but I've always thought them fascinating. It had two manuals, interesting to note the difference in timbre between them (as I was sitting right behind the harpsichord while not playing!). Thanks for the info on the concerto! From the part I was using it was nearly impossible to figure out whether the first letter was a "G" or a "C!"
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    A = 415 ? Blasphemy!

    It sounds like the concert was a lot of fun, a viola player will never be out of work!
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    Sounds like fun, and good experience. When you reported A=415, did you also mean the orchestra was pitched at that? The Vivaldi concerto is nicknamed Goldfinch is the concerto for flute from opus 10, no.3. in D major, RV 428 "Il gardellino". What was the harpsichord like?
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    I am a performance major. I'm already in several groups, and I had forgotten to mention a gigging quartet I'm in and another quartet for which I'm filling in for a violist. But I suppose I'm a good sight-reader and learn music fairly quickly, so I can handle it.
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    I'll definitely have more attempts at it, since it looks like I'll be learning viola da gamba next semester!

    My previous viola teacher had a baroque bow, so I've played on an older-style bow before and yes, it's quite different. Never had gut strings though.
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    Early music ensembles are cool! My school just got one this year, when a Baroque scholar came in to replace a retiring music history prof. I wish I played a string instrument so I could just pick up viola da gamba. Early Music Guy put together a viol consort and gave (temporarily) viols and lessons to the first several people who expressed interest. Hope you like being in loads of ensembles--I'm performing with five in the second half of this month, and nine rehearsals a week gets a little crazy. Are you a performance major?
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    Interesting. Gut string and an older shaped bow will make a different sound, and of course depending on pitch. Let us know if you have more attempts at "HIP". Fascinating.
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    Yes, Alkan's music is great. Whether it's miniatures you're talking about, or larger scale works, I really like his music. Highlights for me are his several Esquisses (sketches) which sound so modern, it's not funny. So much content of significance packed into so little space of time in these pieces. Then there's the massive (by the standards of the day) Grande Sonate "les quatre ages" which is a journey from youth to old age. There's not only quicksilver virtuosity there but also much depth. Another work I have on disc but am not as familar with is the Concerto for Solo Piano, which I also remember on being excellent, but I'll have to listen to it again soon (maybe tonight!). & he also had a wicked sense of humour - just listen to his Etude "The Feast of Aesop" - quite a funny piece.

    I hope more people contribute to this blog, because Alkan is quite a worthwhile composer to get to know, imo.

    Anyone out there heard his piano trio? This is a favourite genre of mine, I'm thinking of ordering the Naxos recording in which they apparently omit some of the repeats, but that may actually work out to the music's advantage (I'm not sure?)...
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    Are you on Facebook?
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