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  1. Sid James's Avatar
    Funny that. A film that has just come out here called Mozart's Sister kind of alludes to this. It shows the young Mozart (aged approx. 10) sitting on a toilet - which is obviously amusing in itself for his family watching him - the "crapper" was a new invention back then!!!
  2. HarpsichordConcerto's Avatar
    mamascaratti, yes, correct! Young Mozart wrote it to his mother dated 31 January 1778. (I have a book of his letters, Mozart's Letters, Mozart's Life; Selected letters edited & newly translated by R. Spaethling (2001), some professor of German translated them). These letters offered fascinating insight from all matters of Mozart family life to musicology interests.
  3. mamascarlatti's Avatar
    With all those poos and farts it sounds like Mozart. But of course it's in English, so unless it's been translated by someone with too much time on their hands it can't be.

    Edit: actually, seeing the names are German I reckon it is Mozart. Reference to travel and penury would fit.
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