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    I just discovered some new You Tube postings from USC-Thornton Baroque Sinfonia that appeared this month. The three videos include the Prologue, a short scene from Act 1, and several scenes from Act II.

    Musically, these are the best performances of this score I've heard. The visuals are not necessarily compelling, but nonetheless they are quite watchable.

    I would highly recommend these videos.
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    ... is that enough characters yet?
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    That's funny - I had an online persona, lo these many years ago, and never quite fit in there ... so I don't expect ever to quite fit in here, either! lol but I keep working at it. I have low emotional intelligence, so I'm always saying something I hope is going to be funny, and turning around and finding blood all over the floor ...
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    Gosh! I love it! Ramble more, please!

    I don't know Brahms well enough to think up too many chill inducing moments, but I have to say, the opening bars from either the first or the fourth symphony always get to me pretty sorely. Boom - boom - boom - boom - boom - boom - I mean it looks boring in type but in music it's pretty effective.
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    I'm a bit like you, I don't like very hot summers. Generally I like milder seasons, Autumn and Spring. I don't like the extremes of Summer and Winter.
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    Thanks, "Sid". I hadn't heard of this group before, but I'll look out for it. My guess is, that being from the 40's, they are going to have a bit more modern sound to them than the Bozzies. But, it's all good - I love close harmony groups of all eras.
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    another similar kind of harmony group, that came later in post-1945 era, was andy and the bey sisters. i've got THIS compilation which includes a couple of tracks from them. they are pretty good. i like this kind of style & will see if i can listen to something by the boswell sisters, sounds interesting...