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    John will also be looking for a new piano teacher, if and when - he is really sorry to be leaving Ruth behind, just as I am feeling so sad at the prospect of having no more lessons (unless I come here on holiday) with Fiddle Guru, to whom many thanks for seven years of amazing fiddle lessons.
    John is firmly committed to the exam route, but has a huge peak to climb, Grade 8. He tells me that working for exams improves his musicality and dexterity and spills over into other genres that he enjoys playing, such as tango and blues. I hope he finds someone as nice and understanding as his current teacher has been.
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    I was going to put this on 'worst songs of all time' but I like it really. It has a faded charm & is so poignant because Allan Smethurst couldn't handle the fame. He spent all the money and passed the last twenty years of his short life in a Salvation Army Hostel.
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    Please explain, Ingelou....
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    This is the last chapter of my blog, at least for the time being.
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    Norwich Baroque's Facebook Page.
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    Reviews of some of the Norwich Baroque concerts that we've been to can be read here:
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    Wilbert is not his real name.
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    Nice post Ingelou. I understand about having to make time in our 3rd age. I too am struggling to get my fiddle playing back in order after a shoulder operation. However, keep it up. Music is a precious gift. Good luck!
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    Thanks, Figleaf!
    Mistletoe and Wine isn't a folksong, but the tune is a folk tune that's been adapted. I didn't realise that myself until my brain told me!
    I remember when I was a child, a touring violin teacher gave us a little concert and played 'Wooden Heart' which we immediately identified - then he told us that it was a traditional German song.
    When Rho is apologetic, she talks too much, just like me, so I suppose I should be more indulgent...
    Are you going to write a blog about singers? I do hope so!
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    Mistletoe and Wine is a folk song?!

    I'm impressed by your folk song spotting detective work. There really is nothing new under the sun!

    Music teachers do seem very inclined towards favouritism- perhaps understandably, since someone with a sensitive ear is going to prefer listening to the most adept student performers over the more ordinary or less advanced ones- but there was no need for yours to be so unhelpful! I've known music teachers only socially and dated a couple, and they do have a tendency to rave about their star pupils, though I would hope they don't do this in front of the others.

    Here's hoping this is only a blip and your lessons will be more enjoyable in future!
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    tortoisification? Really? No. It's all relative. You just need to tell yourself "Okay, nowadays my default speed is this, and I can easily both attain and maintain it." Time and patience will still get you there - even if they're now in different amounts. So there.
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    When I came back to piano, three years ago, I already had quite a bit of experience. So the main thing was to improve my technique.

    The next stage (eventually) will be to master the staves. Looking back into the dim and distant past, I can remember (just) - All Cows Eat Grass and Good Boys Deserve Favour Always. It obviously worked because I have little trouble with sight reading unless you have lots of lines. It's surprising to remember just how much is involved in playing the piano.
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