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    I'd just like to point out that he has many more recorded versions of The Music of the Night than you've mentioned. Besides the many bootleg recordings (which could count as live ones), there's the live one at the Tony Awards in 91, the one on With Love and The Phantom Unmasked, the one with Barbara Streisand, and the one from the highlights CD.

    Also, I do consider his singing (a bit) operatic, especially when compared to that of most of the phantoms that came after him. The way they open up and belt above their secondi passaggi stands in marked contrast to his typical classical cover. I really started noticing this after studying theatrical and then classical singing, and noticing that everyone I sang with listened to other, more modern musical theater singers who never did anything like covering.
    Very few singers would or could sing O Holy Night with the approach that he used.

    Also, he may be my favorite singer of all time, though 99% of what I listen to is classical nowadays.
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    I've musical directed dozens of musicals, and have been in the pit for a hundred more.

    Bye Bye Birdie is one of my least favorite musicals for several reasons, and, as a consequence, not one of my favorite Overtures.

    Phantom of the Opera has never impressed me. I don't enjoy Lloyd Webber's compositional "style" that much, although I do love Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita.

    The Overtures to Funny Girl (I don't know if I've ever heard it at all) and Candide (and I love me some Bernstein) don't really come to mind. But I'll cue them up.

    But I can tell you, of the hundreds I've heard and played, which ones are the most favorably memorable

    Jesus Christ Superstar
    The Fantasticks
    West Side Story
    The Man of La Mancha

    There's a few other openings that are memorable, but they are shows without Overtures or Prologues: Assassins, Fiddler On the Roof, 42nd Street, Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods, Cabaret, Evita, City of Angels.

    There's also some film Overtures that have stuck with me: Wizard of Oz, Around the World in 80 Days, Les Misérables.
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    Thank you very much for reading and commenting. You say you've never heard Jerry Hadley? You should definitely check out his recordings, then. I don't own the Candide but have heard it, and as I said I wish Hadley been Tony in Bernstein's West Side Story: he would have been a vast improvement over Carreras, in my opinion.

    Edited to add: My mistake; I read too fast. You say you have heard Hadley, but not live. I never heard him live, either. I wish I had.
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    Fine piece and I'm pleased you don't look down on Musical Theatre.

    I never heard him sing but he was Bernsteins choice on one of my favourite recordings, Candide.

    Thank you