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  1. Schumann - Berlin Philharmonic, Rafael Kubelik – Symphonies No.1 & 4

    I plan three posts for this five-Tuesday month, the first of which launches a three-part monthly set that will share all four of Robert Schumann's symphonies, beginning with the "Spring" symphony, as an early harbinger of the spring equinox a mere three weeks away.

    By age 30, Robert Schumann was already a successful composer of chamber music, including piano music and lieder. But in order to be able to make a living from composing he needed to achieve success in what was
  2. 2021 Listening Project - Feb 28

    First, three more brief pieces from the Brilliant "French Piano Concertos" box set.

    Cécille Chaminade
    Concertstuck for Piano and Orchestra
    Rosario Marciano, piano
    Luxembourg Radio Orchestra
    Louis de Froment, conductor

    I'd never heard of Chaminade before purchasing the box set. I found this piece enjoyable. I'd definitely listen to her other works.

    Darius Milhaud
    5 Études
    Michael Korstick, piano
  3. 2021 Listening Project - Feb 27

    Sonata for Solo Violin, No. 1
    Sergiu Luca, violin
    Nathan Milstein, violin
    Paul Galbraith, guitar (his own transcription)

    I own three recordings of the complete Bach solo violin (Luca, Milstein, & Galbraith), plus Hilary Hahn's incomplete set from 1997. I am going to try to listen to all recordings for a given piece on the same day, to try to compare them. The music is sufficiently great that I think that won't get repetitive.