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Happy Birthday to Birgit Nilsson!

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Happy birthday to Swedish soprano Birgit Nilsson!
(May 17, 1918 - December 25, 2005)

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As Turandot (complete opera):

As Isolde (opera with a cut I believe):

As Isolde (with Vickers):

Fragmented performance of apparently her last Elektra:

Bell Telephone Hour videos:

Awesome performance of "In questa regia" with Corelli (odd video splicing):

Meeting with Corelli on TV:

Nilsson gets pranked on TV (partially in English, partially in Swedish?):

On radio with Edward Downes and Joan Sutherland:

Interesting excerpt from Götterdämmerung:

Excerpt as Salome:

Excerpt as Dyer's wife:

"Vissi d'arte":

"O Holy Night":

"Silent Night":

Has her voice recorded on a cylinder:

Very interesting documentary in which Nilsson puts makeup on, warms up her voice, receives a Jack-o-lantern as a gift, etc.:

Birgit Nilsson Museum website:

Interesting interview:
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