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Generate play-lists (a game) - rules of engagement

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Background and basics:

I saw this one elsewhere, and it is very popular. Someone posts a subject, and the first fitting song. The next one posts song #2 that meets the theme, and so on until #10. The poster who adds #10 gets to choose the new subject (and the first song) - if he/she does not post a new theme within 30 minutes, anyone else can start the new theme.


Theme starter:

Theme = money
1. Money (Pink Floyd)

Next poster:

Theme = money
1. Money (Pink Floyd)
2. There goes a tenner (Kate Bush)

and so on....

What makes a good theme?

A theme is suitable if it is not too easy or too difficult. "Songs about love" is no challenge at all, "Songs with titles starting with an X" is too much of a challenge. A good guideline for the theme starter is that he/she can come up with 3-5 songs that fit the theme. A suitable theme should also not require googling to find songs. For instance, songs that made #1 in the USA in 1979 is not a good theme.

A theme you come up with may have been played before (the 'search thread' button can help you check for that). If you think it is worthwhile playing it again, please state clearly that it is a repeat game (preferably with link) and that the original playlist is now not allowed. If others spot a repeated theme, they can also state that while the game is on.

Finally, try to define the theme in a comprehensive yet clear way.

What do players have to look for?

1. Make sure you have understood the theme and that your song fits the theme. Feel free to state why it fits the theme if it is not evident, or to say something about the song. Please copy the theme description on top of every post.
2. Only songs in English or instrumentals with English titles can be used. [Rule currently suspended]
3. The same song cannot be used twice in one theme, even if it is by different performers.
4. Do not post twice in a row. Do not post more than 3 times in total for a theme to give others a chance as well. If there has not been an entry for at least two hours, you can add a fourth.
5. Please check whether the song posted before you really fits the theme and/or the rules.
6. Any player can challenge whether a song fits the theme and/or the rules. If it is clearly not fitting or not allowed, please remove it from the playlist before continuing.
7. If eight hours have passed since the last valid entry, the theme can be closed and a new one opened.

About googling and using dedicated sites to find candidate songs

It is not encouraged (to say the least) to google for songs fitting the subject or use dedicated sites for that purpose. It's fine to look up lyrics of a song that you think would fit, or to confirm for instance the person or act who sang the song you're thinking of, but let's stop at that. Play fair please.
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