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Art Rock

  1. The Talk Classical Games

    Usually there are a number of games running simultaneously in the "polls" sub-forum, mostly run by Bulldog:

    Many people who do not play these games yet have expressed bewilderment about the what, why and how of these games. In this blog post I will try to clarify this.

    What are these games?

    Let's start by stating what they are not: they are not a serious attempt to generate
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  2. A short guideline for new members

    Welcome to Talk Classical!

    A bit of background information that may answer questions you may have now or soon...

    As a new member, certain features are disabled (e.g. profile access, blogs, adding attachments, and certain forum areas until you have submitted at least 10 posts to any of the classical music sections of the forum and up to 12 hours have elapsed since post #10, regardless of the total number of posts one has accumulated). Posts made in the Community Forum do

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