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What have you been listening to?

This is simply a list of recent plays. It has been fruitful to see what others are listening to, and this forum has given me lots of ideas for new pieces to explore. I can't promise that this will be a complete list. Where time permits, for each piece I'll add recording info, the source of the recording (personal collection, YouTube, library, etc.) and some reflections.

Comments are welcome, and I'd love to hear what you've been listening to as well!

* indicates a piece that I have listened to for the first time in the time period covered by the blog post.
~ indicates a piece that I have heard before but is still relatively new or unfamiliar.

  1. September 2021, part 1

    by , Sep-17-2021 at 01:00 (What have you been listening to?)
    Doctor Atomic Symphony*
    - Robertson / St. Louis Symphony (my collection)

    BACH, J.S.
    Brandenburg Concerti
    - Amsterdam Bach Soloists (1-6, my collection)
    - Winschermann / Deutsche Bach Soloists (1-6, my collection)
    - Goebel / Musica Antiqua Koln (1-6, my collection)

    BEETHOVEN, L. van
    Egmont Overture
    - Bernstein / VPO (YouTube)
    String Quartet 1*
    - Suske Quartet (YouTube)
    String Quartet