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  1. This Day in Music History - 16 January 1910

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    Carnegie Hall, New York , 16 January 1910: In a memorable evening, Sergey Rakhmaninov gives the third performance of his Piano Concerto no.3, with the New York Philharmonic under its new music director, Gustav Mahler.

    Rachmaninov appeared as soloist in the

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  2. Rafael Kubelik and Ma Vlast

    This is the third of Pierre's Twelve Days of Blogging.

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    Cette réflexion en français

    Back in June, I posted a TDMH post (the first one I wrote) on Glenn Gould and the Goldberg Variations. Today, my topic is another encounter between musician and masterpiece, this time involving a major orchestral work recorded by the same conductor several times.

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  3. This Day in Music History - November 14, 1954

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    The Golden Age of Television

    To appreciate today’s TDMH post, we must take a few moments to discuss what has come to be known in North America as the Golden Age of Television, that time span between, say, the first broadcast of the Texaco Star Theater (starring Milton Berle) and the Kennedy assassination.

    In 1947, there were about 44,000 TV sets in the US,

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  4. My Macbeth experience

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    Part 1

    Yesterday I was at ROH for a Macbeth Insight Programme in anticipation of the production later this month. Hosted by Lloyd Bracey, it was held in the Clore Studio. The 'stage' is really only floor space & we sat above it.

    Scheduled to last three hours, I wondered what the heck they could talk about for all that time when most people will at least know the story of the play but it was so good, so entertaining, it was over far too soon.

    My seat
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