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  1. Anton: Chapter 5

    Sergei found Anton just as he had been sitting there for 5 minutes.
    "So! Just because someone told you that you were not Russian enough that you come over here to sulk?" exclaimed Sergei.
    "I'm not sulking," Anton muttered, displeased that his friend had found him so soon. "How did you find me?"
    "Everyone saw you come in here! If you're not here to sulk, what is it? But aren't you aware of what happened?"
    "I think so. Something
  2. Anton: Chapter 4, Part II

    "Well!" Mily Alexeyevich stood up to address the whole crowd. "You have now seen the pride of musical St. Petersburg and we are so glad to have been so warmly received! We thank everyone tonight."
    "Of course," he walked up to Anton, still speaking to everyone, "I will never forget our once-pupil from St. Petersburg who we are so eager to hear of his music. Anton Stepanovich, please do us the honor of playing our soiree's final work!"
  3. Anton: Chapter 4, Part I

    The Moscow composers allowed the visitors from St. Petersburg to have the "first shot," and so Nikolai Andreyvich played a work at the piano. He said it was an orchestral work called "Cappricio Espagnol," and played about half of it.
    "How excellent! How capital!" the young Muscovites began praising it very highly. Anton too praised it, "I wouldn't expect anything less from my beloved teacher." Sergei was still quiet, although he had nodded his own personal
  4. Anton: Chapter 3

    5 minutes past 8, there was a knock on the door, in the typical signal which the young composers used to identify themselves coming in. In stepped Nikolai.
    "There you are! You have been away for quite a while," Anton smiled, with a slight sneer.
    "Indeed, I got caught up with what's going on. You were right, sir," turning to Sergei, "Something, namely someones, is expected this evening, and almost everyone here was on the look out for them. These visitors arrived

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  5. Anton: Chapter 2

    Anton was sitting by himself in the Conservatory courtyard, bent over a manuscript.
    "Hello, my good man! I wish not to disturb you but I've wanted to meet you for a while," a voice said. Anton looked up to see an older man standing over him, his hand outstretched.
    "Oh! Are you then... the famed Piotr Ilyich?" Anton's eyes went wide as he shook his hand.
    "Yes I am. And you... you are Anton Stepanovich?"
    "Yes, sir! Oh, I'm so glad to have
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