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  1. The Luna Nova Ensemble

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    From time to time, I stumble onto web sites that provide some "free"
    music, and try and pass this information on to TalkClassical readers. In preoparing for an installment od the SotSQ in July, I found this website:

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  2. Anyone else feel a bit isolated with their love of classical music?

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    Because I can't say it better myself:
    (A friend sent this to me yesterday and I thought it was apropos.)
    A brilliant cartoon depicting the "transporting power of music" and its ability to "communicate over space and time". Thanks Meaghan!
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  3. This Day in Music History - June 21st 1954

    This day in my family history: My brother was born at 10 minutes past 10 PM on June 21st 1954, making him 57 years old, and me fifty. !

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    On June 21st, 1954, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ran an “extended” version of its marquee radio series Distinguished Artists. Usually a 30-minute program, this installment was exceptionally extended to 45 minutes because its featured artist
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  4. Musical Analysis: Sergei Prokofiev Part 2


    Impressionist. That's probably the best descriptive term for him. Prokofiev did so many things in his music that simply don't make sense if one were to look at each piece of the puzzle. One has to see the complete picture to try to understand the ideas he's trying to communicate. In this way, harmony often overrides melody because an idea doesn't always need a melody. Yet Prokofiev has a clever way of combining melody with unusual harmony sometimes.

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  5. Music Analysis: Sergei Prokofiev Part 1

    This was fun to write.

    There is so much that can be analyzed by Prokofiev, so I will organize it into several sections. I will add onto it over time, perhaps.


    * Orchestration/Instrumentation
    * Melody
    * Harmony
    * Tone/Form


    It's quite easy to tell what instrument was his favorite: piano. He wrote 9 piano sonatas, 5 piano concertos, a score of piano
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