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  1. Some of our Christmas Favourites

    This is the second of Pierre's Twelve Days of Blogging.

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    Christmas Classics

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    A few weeks ago, I posted a blog on this page of Christmas Classics that were not traditional Christmas Carols. Well, for this Christmas day, this is a no-holds barred, sing along kind of blog, with stuff that is more along the lines of the traditional

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  2. A Cinderella Story: Chapter 9 Part II (denouement)

    "STOP! Shut your mouths! Get away from her!"
    Nicholas was never more angry in his life. Such abuse was foreign to him, and he couldn't imagine how this girl could cope with it.
    "You wicked people! All you ever live for is yourselves! Get out! Leave us alone!" he turned on all of them, and made them leave the school, except his friends. This he told them calmly,
    "Please go. I want to be alone with her. Thanks anyways." They all shrugged their shoulders
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  3. A Cinderella Story: Chapter 9 Part I

    Ella's weekend was quiet for the most part. She was asleep when her stepsisters came home around 6 in the morning, and they slept nearly the whole Saturday away. When Ella woke up, the daylight revealed to her how changed her surroundings were: the floors, windows, and furniture were perfectly clean and dusted. The "aids" who helped her the night before apparently had also done her chores for her, to Ella's happy surprise. She relaxed the whole day in the house, besides going to a store
  4. A Cinderella Story: Chapter 8

    Some people had heard Nicholas yelling in the hall, and came out of the ball room to see him. They had all taken their masks off now. It was quite amusing for many to find the people they thought were their friends were actually complete strangers just playing along, and vice versa. A few actually were dating the wrong people that night, through a mix up of dresses and masks. Nicholas was no exception to the reaction.
    "Nick! Some joke! Why were you hiding yourself from us?" a couple
  5. A Cinderella Story: Chapter 7 Part II

    Nicholas was entranced by this girl. She acted like none of the other girls at school. Rather than proud, she seemed depressed. But why would she be that way? Because she was alone? And she was so genuine. He had to ask her this question.
    "Worthless... don't believe it. But, I have this question for you: are you... a Christian?"
    The girl looked taken back, and said nothing.
    "Christian... Why do you ask?"
    "Because you're different than all the