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Non-Classical Music

  1. Today's Music

    As a mere "advanced beginner" in the world of classical music, I won't pretend to give any lectures here. No map, just a record of my stumbles through the vast uncharted territories of human culture.

    Too much ado already.

    And anyway, today was a pop day.

    For the first time, I listened to If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears, an album bt The Mamas & the Papas. The experts tell us it's a classic.


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  2. MuseScore frustration (rant)

    Why virtual realisation of music is hard on F/OSS platforms

    I'd just like to place on record that MuseScore, while a pretty good piece of notation software, is shockingly difficult to use for realistic sequencing. (Disclaimer: the rant below applies to 0.9.6pre, and I see that they now have a v1.0 out, but it's not come through my distro yet)

    Chief among its problems is that it can only handle one SoundFont at a time, so you have to either use a monolithic whole-orchestra
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