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  1. Anton: Chapter 19

    Anton contrived the perfect plan. In his opinion.
    He asked his now former pupil and present young colleague Sergei Vasilievich to do a concert with him. It would feature the premiere of his own Suite for 2 Pianos, and anything Sergei Vasilievich had been working one. Of course, he was delighted at the opportunity, because Sergei Vasilievich had something special up his sleeve for Anton, a sort of gift in thanks for the years they worked together.
    It was in July, near Anton's own birthday,
  2. Anton: Chapter 18, Part II

    When May came, Sergei Vasilievich was undoubtedly the composer with the best work. Anton and all those who represented the Conservatory voted on giving him an honor, and the Great Gold Medal was selected. Sergei Vasillievich was so stunned that he could hardly say a word when it was announced to him. News of his triumph spread everywhere, and soon he was hailed as the greatest new composer of Moscow.
    And that was when Anton knew it was time to put his plan to action.
    "Do you know
  3. Anton: Chapter 18, Part I

    Anton taught 2 different kinds of theory courses. One was for regular musicians, but the other was a "free-theory" course, which he hand-picked along with Sergei Ivanovich. Their names were Leo, Nikita, and of course, Sergei Vasilievich.
    Alexander Nikolayevich of course didn't accept this very well when Sergei Vasilievich was promoted to this class early, and he was not. But Anton couldn't have cared less. They hated each other so much that Anton felt he would never graduate this

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  4. Anton: Chapter 17

    The next evening Anton arrived at Katerina's home. It was only 3 blocks away from Gutheil's publishing house. Approaching her front door, she was already expecting him, and opened immediately to him.
    "There is no one in the house. You are safe. Come in."
    Anton could feel adrenaline consuming him again. Katerina held his hands, and noticed their shaking.
    "Are you worried?" she asked compassionately.
    "I... I suffer from anxiety. Ever since that
  5. Anton: Chapter 16

    January 2 (December 21 old style) was the date of the premiere of Anton's opera. He had the exciting opportunity to conduct it himself, and he was thus fully in control of all the nuances which he imagined in it.
    If anything, this was one of the most gratifying moments in his life.
    Everyone was there. His students Sergei Vasilievich and Alexander Nikolayevich were there, and so was Piotr Ilyich and Sergei Ivanovich. Vasily Sergeyevich also made a friendly appearance, and numerous other
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