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  1. Touch: Chapter 9 (Part 1)

    The next evening, Nadia returned to Andrei's house, in lesser spirits than she was before. But she did notice that this evening Andrei wasn't wearing his blindfold. He was "staring" at the wall when she walked in.

    "So," Andrei spoke up immediately, with a slightly sarcastic tone, "How was your little excursion?"

    "It was wonderful," Nadia replied. "I really enjoyed it for the most part, except for one thing that happened."
  2. Touch: Chapter 8

    In a few days, Nadia's brother Sergei came to her home for a visit.

    "I would like to invite you to a ball tomorrow night. A lot of my comrades and some other families from society will be there, but mostly young people. I think you will enjoy it," he said.

    "I would love to come!" Nadia smiled. "I work in the evenings but I think my... employer will allow me to go."

    "You mean the blind guy?"

  3. Touch: Chapter 7 (part 2)

    That night, Nadia was beaming as she came to Andrei's home.

    "Are you ready? I feel up for anything tonight," she said cheerfully.

    Andrei smiled. "Well, I'm glad that you are here. We begin the 2nd mvmt., which I will describe."

    He went on to tell of his plan for form and development, and then gave the details of meter, tempo, and key. It was to be a caustic scherzo. Nadia eagerly wrote everything down on a new manuscript sheet. For
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  4. Touch: Chapter 7 (part 1)

    The rest of the week went very smoothly. Nadia and Gavrilov were getting along better each day, and she began to be able to anticipate what he wanted from her quite well. Whole pages could be copied to exact specifications in a matter of minutes, and soon the 1st mvmt. was completed.

    During the day, Nadia continued with her musical studies, going in the morning to practice piano. The seller began showing an admiration for her playing.

    "You seem to be able to get
  5. Touch: Chapter 6

    The next Monday, Nadia stepped into her Copyist office.

    "Nadia, there you are! I was wondering if you would come late," her boss stepped up to her from his own desk.

    "No, I wouldn't come late. I'm not going to give you the trouble of that worry."

    Nadia's boss turned his head to the side. "What do you mean?"

    "I'm leaving, sir. I am... moving on."

    His eyes went wide. "Now? But we
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