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  1. The Forgotten Tony Winner of 1984: A Cast Album Review of THE TAP DANCE KID

    The Tap Dance Kid. Book by Charles Blackwell; Music by Henry Krieger; Lyrics by Robert Lorick. With Jimmy Tate (Willie); Martine Allard (Emma); Hinton Battle (Dipsey); Samuel E. Wright (William); Gail Nelson (Ginnie); Jackie Lowe (Carole); Alan Weeks (Daddy Bates). Polydor Records, 1984.

    In 1974, the late, Tennessee-born author Louise Fitzhugh wrote a novel for adolescents called Nobody’s Family Is Going to Change. In 1980, the novel became a thirty-minute film called The Tap

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  2. Beethoven - Radu Lupu • Zubin Mehta • Israel PO ‎– Piano Concertos No.1 & 2

    This week’s Vinyl’s Revenge is part of our #Beethoven2020 series and features Romanian pianist Radu Lupu in a pair of Beethoven piano concertos, taken from his Beethoven cycle recorded with the Israel Philharmonic in the early days of the DIgital era.

    Beethoven’s early career in Vienna, where he settled in 1792 after leaving his native Bonn, established him first of all as a pianist. He had already tackled a piano concerto in 1784, at the age of fourteen, but Piano Concerto No.1
  3. Sir Adrian Boult / LPO ‎– Brahms: Serenade In A / Variations On A Theme Of Haydn

    This week’s Vinyl’s Revenge looks at an Angel Red Label re-issue I purchased in the early 1980’s featuring Sir Adrian Boult and the music of Johannes Brahms.

    Adrian Boult followed musical studies in England and at Leipzig, Germany, with early conducting work in London for the Royal Opera House and Sergei Diaghilev's ballet company.

    When the British Broadcasting Corporation appointed him director of music in 1930, he established the BBC Symphony Orchestra and became
  4. Beethoven Transcriptions

    A rare spontaneous share of a past podcast, in order to fill in the Second Symphony following last week's share.

    All the works on this week’s montage are by Beethoven, adapted in other forms by other composers/arrangers, and one by Beethoven himself.

    A while ago, I discussed how opera transcriptions were, in some way, the precursor of recordings and radio. Not everybody could listen to elaborate pieces of music – like an opera – at the drop of a hat.; but if you
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  5. Yevgeny Mravinsky - Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 1 & 3

    This week, as part of our year-long #Beethoven2020 salute, we share a pair of Beethoven symphonies, performed by an orchestra and conductor we don’t immediately think of in this sort of repertoire.

    The St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra (known at the height of the Soviet era as the Leningrad Philharmonic) was founded in 1882 and is thus Russia's oldest symphonic ensemble. Principally a Court ensemble (performing at receptions and official ceremonies and at the balls, plays and
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