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  1. Dissection of La Divina: The 20th Century Assoluta

    On December 2nd 1923, when an unwanted third child was born to immigrant Greek couple Goerge and Litsa Kalogeropoulos at Flower hospital, Manhattan, neither could have imagined that this soon-to-be chubby and awkward little girl would one day become the quintessential epitome of Opera.

    Maria Callas was, and still is, a legendary household name among Opera connoisseurs and neophytes alike, as well as outsiders of the genre who stumble upon her haunting recordings in one way

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  2. Raymonda: On Trial? (blog 2)

    Glazunov completed Raymonda several months before it was premiered. As soon as he handed the music off to choreographer Marius Petipa, he is said to have tried to ditch the production, but Petipa insisted that Glazunov would come to rehearsals and monitor the

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  3. Glazunov 150th Birthday Celebrations: Part Three

    My Project is complete!!

    This may or may not be my last installment in blogs regarding here-said title, so for now, I will say that this is the most important!

    I hope you will learn something about him, and be inspired to listen to his works besides the music I used for the video. I own none of the content! But I did research it.

    Presenting to you all my tribute to Glazunov's life and works:

  4. Glazunov 150th Birthday Celebrations: Part One

    Hello TalkClassical!

    Every year, I've tried to do something special for Glazunov for his birthday August 10. One year it was a long set of blogs, another year just a bunch of videos I compiled, or going about posting his music for heck's sake. One year I listened to like 4 hours of his music in one day. I mean, just a tad more than the usual day.

    But now is the 150th! What can I do that would be especially commemorative??

    Well, I've been
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  5. Glazunov’s Symphony No. 4: The Bridge Worth Crossing (Part 2)

    At face value, this symphony already poses some interesting features. The Fourth Symphony only has three movements: two relatively long and complex outer movements and a Scherzo in between. While none of the movements use Sonata form, Glazunov creates his own modified versions of theme and variation and sonata-rondo. Much like Schumann’s Symphony No. 4, this symphony’s main basis is an immense cyclical form of a handful of concrete themes. However, this is not a feature that the Nationalists
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