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  1. Glazunov’s Symphony No. 4: The Bridge Worth Crossing (Part 1)

    In the second half the 19th century, a civil war of musical sorts brewed in Russia. During the 1800s, there was a surge of artistic expression in Russia on all sides, from literature to art to music. Of all the intense identity crises that hit, musical academia was perhaps hit the hardest. In the course of 50 years, a clear division of ideology split musical academia in two: in St. Petersburg, a set of composers known as the “Mighty Handful” had set up camp and declared themselves as the true
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  2. Hey! I made a new Group! Please Join!

    I figured it was about time I made a group for Russian composers here and put my footprint on this forum in that way. I'm going to share more in-depth things I've found in my research. I actually have a number of friends on this website called Turntable that have joined me in discovering new Russian music (we all share our own discoveries in collective sessions of music). Whatever catches my eye(ear) there, I will share here. Otherwise, the Group is for discussion and sharing. Everyone who is interested
  3. One year already!

    No, this isn’t Tuesday.

    But again, this isn’t a “regular” Tuesday Blog post.

    This is a bit of a peronal milestone of sorts, as I consider my post entitled How do you get your music these days? as the “first ever” instalment of my Tuesday Blog – and I have been publishing a continuous stirng of weekly blogs here on TalkClassical ever since. Our post from this past Tuesday is recorded as my 69th post, but my official count is more 64, and that includes my twelve days
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  4. Music for 17 days

    I am leaving on this Wednesday for boot camp. I will be spending my first 18 days of confinement.....and pain and torture. And to alleviate the situation, i have brought along a 6 years old 2GB ipod nano! But now i would have to, for the first time, restrict what i have to put in my mp3 player.

    Hence i have created the following playlist (Not much thought have been given, i select instinctively from itunes till my ipod is full.)

    Bach - Goldberg Variation(Aria, Var
  5. Music theory podcasts

    Hello all

    I have created some podcasts covering some basic areas of music theory such as the perfect cadence and modulation, tonic and dominant, and chord progressions. I would be very interested to hear any feedback as I am looking to make these into an interactive show/presentation to make learning music fun, dynamic and exciting.

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