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  1. A Look Back at Paramount's WUTHERING HEIGHTS and the BBC's JANE EYRE

    Despite my love for Strauss and late Verdi, early-Romantic bel canto opera is my favorite. If Bellini's operas and many of Donizetti's will never be wildly popular, if Verdi's Attila will never be played as often as his Aida, then Verdi's last bel canto-like works (La Traviata in particular) are among his most popular today. I'd venture a guess that most people like Beethoven's music, and that Rossini's music pleases so many because it's similarly rhythmic; the musicologist Robert Greenberg once

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  2. What Makes It Great?: The Penultimate Scene of SCHINDLER'S LIST

    A classical radio station in Washington, DC once ran a regular feature called “What Makes It So Great,” in which the “greatness” of some musical work was analyzed. I would like to do something similar with a movie scene: the penultimate scene of Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List, commonly known as the “I could have got more” scene. It is the 1940's, and German businessman Oscar Schindler (Liam Neeson) has employed 1100 Polish Jews
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  3. ITYWLTMT’s Klassical Music Kartoons

    (En français: )

    I don’t know about your childhood, but mine involved (probably too much) television, and especially cartoons. Before the advent of specialty cable channels like Cartoon Network, TeleToon, YTV and Nickelodeon, mainstream networks used to provide a wide range of cartoon programming on Saturdays.

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