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I've just watched Igor Stravinsky and Coco Chanel. If it hadn't been for the fact that this film was paced so painfully slow, I would have laughed at the sheer absurdity on display.

It began with the disastrous premier of "The Rite". I thought to myself, "this film could be good", but sadly the rest of the film is scenes of the two main characters walking around aimlessly and occasionally having a good ol' shag.

Half of this film I was poking myself with a needle to counteract the sensory deprivation I was experiencing. The other half I was saying to myself, "really?... really?"

I'm not saying sex in a film is bad, but when the sex becomes the only interesting part of a film then the film becomes bad.

One scene was when Chanel was sniffing potential No.5s and choosing which she liked the best. She said she liked two and I was saying "okay, do something creative like mix them together", but no, she just chose one and that was that. Boring.



  1. science's Avatar
    I haven't seen this film, but the most interesting part of most of the movies I watch is the sex. The back story to, say, why Jimbo has to spend his summer in the girls' dormitory is just not important to me.

    /kidding, kidding

    I've been looking forward to seeing this film, but I'm glad you've lowered my expectations. I'd hate to have been disappointed without a fair warning!
  2. Sid James's Avatar
    From what I've read about this film (I've not seen it), it makes me think about whether it's based on a shred of "fact." Did the affair between these two people actually happen?...
  3. Edward Elgar's Avatar
    There is simply no proof. Also, if it did happen, so what? Stravinsky's music is much more interesting than an affair.