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  1. Music Analysis: Sergei Prokofiev Part 1

    This was fun to write.

    There is so much that can be analyzed by Prokofiev, so I will organize it into several sections. I will add onto it over time, perhaps.


    * Orchestration/Instrumentation
    * Melody
    * Harmony
    * Tone/Form


    It's quite easy to tell what instrument was his favorite: piano. He wrote 9 piano sonatas, 5 piano concertos, a score of piano
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  2. Disappeared: Chapters 4, 5


    It was now January, the bleakest point of the year. But I was in high spirits, because I was expecting any day for Victor to propose to me. He made his love for me so obvious that I was surprised he didn't say it yet. However, Nikolai was despairing. Elena refused to accept any invitations now, but would still let him talk to her. One day, Nikolai fled to me from some scene he had.
    "I don't know what to do, Anna! She's gone mad!" he exclaimed.
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  3. Disappeared: Chapters 2, 3

    It was June, and I knew something was definitely wrong with Elena. She would never spend evenings with me ever. In fact, she hardly wanted to be with me at all! What had I done to her? It hurt me very much. All she wanted to do was practice and be alone all the time. This may have been symptoms of depression, so I thought. But it really turned for worst when she bought his apartment.
    Sergei had lived in a luxury apartment on the top floor of a building (9th floor). Because no one was

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  4. The Wandering Tower: A Short Story Blog

    I have a lot of likes/dislikes in common with Prokofiev so I've researched. So it was very intriguing to discover that Prokofiev really liked to write short stories (Peter and the Wolf was only one of them). I write my own as well.

    Would anyone here like to see some clips of some of my stories? Some of them don't have names, some do, some are only a page long. It's my habit of always placing the stories in Russia and giving the characters Russian names, as well as building them on

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