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Non-Classical Music

  1. Anton: Chapter 2

    Anton was sitting by himself in the Conservatory courtyard, bent over a manuscript.
    "Hello, my good man! I wish not to disturb you but I've wanted to meet you for a while," a voice said. Anton looked up to see an older man standing over him, his hand outstretched.
    "Oh! Are you then... the famed Piotr Ilyich?" Anton's eyes went wide as he shook his hand.
    "Yes I am. And you... you are Anton Stepanovich?"
    "Yes, sir! Oh, I'm so glad to have
  2. Anton: Chapter 1

    The days drag on, each moment multiplies
    Within my wounded heart the pain and sadness
    Of an unhappy love and, dark, gives rise.
    To sleepless dreams, the haunting dreams of madness
    But I do not complain - instead, I weep;
    Tears bring me solace, comforted they leave me.
    My spirit, captive held by grief, a deep.
    And bitter rapture finds in them, believe me.
    Pass, life! Come, empty phantom, onward fly.
  3. Don't Ask Me Why: Epilogue

    A year had passed since that Saturday.

    No one had torn down the music building, but it stood as it always had. Instead, the Orchestra Rehearsal Room's floor was decorated with a mosaic of tiles bearing the names of people who gave their condolences to those affected by the tragedy. Thousands of names, musicians and community members alike, were engraved into the beautiful blue-and-white tiles so that not a single tile in the whole room was left empty. It served as a powerful sign
  4. Don't Ask Me Why: Chapter 31

    It was the first week of May. The sun shone brightly in a deep blue sky, and white clouds whizzed by as strong winds blew them eastward. Flowers were everywhere, and many trees were in bloom. It was rather cool from the wind, but the sun was strong enough to warm Marie as she sat feet-up on a bench outside the main entrance of the music school.
    It was a Saturday, and Marie was enjoying the lovely weather. It was something that she seemed to ignore for the most part in all the stress of the
  5. Don't Ask Me Why: Chapter 30

    It took several days for all the details to be figured out at the university. Police Investigators spent three whole days interviewing witnesses of the entire night, trying to piece together what really happened. There were security cameras in the hallway just outside the orchestra rehearsal room, but none inside, so all that was determined was that only three people entered that room, and only one, Tanya, came out. But who murdered who was quite a mystery from the evidence: Tanya's stilettos had
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