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  1. Anton: Chapter 24, Part II

    Anton began to speak.

    I remember the marvellous moment
    you appeared before me,
    like a transient vision,
    like pure beauty’s spirit.

    Lost in hopeless sadness,
    lost in the loud world’s turmoil,
    I heard your voice’s echo,
    and often dreamed your features.

    Years passed. The storm winds scattered,
    with turbulent gusts, that dreaming.
    I forgot NOT your voice, its tenderness.
    I forgot NOT your lovely

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  2. Anton: Chapter 24, Part I

    It was a bitterly chill night one October, and it seemed winter was arriving early. Flurries were in the air, and the wind was biting. Not that it mattered to Anton, he stayed in the clubs all night, even if he fell asleep there sometimes.
    But this night was different. He had a premonition that something was going to happen to him. For the first time in a long time, he decided not to waste himself but drank sparingly.
    "Maybe... Katerina will come tonight... but why would she come?
  3. Anton: Chapter 23

    Anton continued writing letters to Katerina, but her tone had suddenly changed in her correspondence. She became more reserved and wrote less often.
    And then, it all stopped. Nothing for a whole 3 months.
    "No doubt her husband caught her," he thought to himself. "I shall continue writing back nonetheless, she may get some of them if he doesn't destroy them."
    And so he continued sending letter to her, asking how things were. But he had no responses, and he
  4. Anton: Chapter 22

    Two years passed and Sergei Ivanovich visited St. Petersburg finally. He and Anton had a joyful reunion.
    "I hope you've been faring well here," Sergei asked.
    "I have! All is quite well. I love my position."
    "That's very good!"
    Anton invited him to his house for a meal, and also invited Sergei Vasilievich and Alexander Konstantinovich. Sergei Vasilievich had been living in St. Petersburg for a while, private teaching and composing, and Sasha
  5. Anton: Chapter 21

    Although Anton and Katerina had met only a handful of time in the past 8 years, suddenly they started running into each other more. She had started going to all his new music premieres, and even some of his choral concerts. Her husband was no where to be found on these occasions, but she didn't always approach Anton either: she would watch only in silence.
    Finally, at a premiere of Anton's orchestral variations on a theme by Piotr Ilyich, Katerina came again.
    "How is life, Anton
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