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Pierre's Tuesday Blog

Weekly blog on music, featuring selections openly available on the Web. Also, a "teaser" of things to come on my Friday blog and podcast on Blogspot.

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  1. Mozart, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra ‎– Symphonies No. 40, 41, Marriage Of Figaro

    My final Tuesday Blog for 2020 features a CD I acquired in the early 2000’s, from an early set of self-produced discs by the Royal Philharmonic under their own label. These disks, distributed in North America by Intersound, spanned the repertoire from Mozart to Leonard Bernstein.

    According to Discogs, this album was originally released in 1993 and features the Royal Philharmonic under guest conductor Jane Glover in a coupling of Mozart’s final two numbered symphonies (40 and 41)
  2. Rachmaninov - Andrei Gavrilov ‎– Piano Concerto Number 3

    December’s Vinyl’s Revenge post is a record I acquired when I was a member of the Columbia Record and Tape Club. It is a performance of Rachmaninov’s Third Piano Concerto featuring Andrei Gavrilov as soloist. The disc was originally released in the Soviet Union under its flagship Melodiya label, but reissued by CBS Masterworks.

    Melodiya was established in 1964 as the "All-Union Gramophone Record Firm of the USSR Ministry of Culture Melodiya". By 1973, Melodiya released some