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Symphonies in C

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For today's poat, I thoght I would explore a topic that was inspired by some TC threads over the last year. TC's aptly named Fsharpmajor noticed that one of the keys that is least used in symphonies is, well, F Sharp Major. In conrtrast, C Major is probably the most common key..

So, because I'm not one to complicate my life when it coimes to doing research, I figured why noit present a sampling of some of my favourite symphonies in C.

I wanted to find some short works, so I crossed out Schubert's 9th (or the Great C Major Symphony), but I figured I would retain his other symphony, known as the "little C Major", though there's nothing little about it... The performance in oyr blow playlist is by Lorin Maazel and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

My second choice is Beethoven's First, presented here in my attempt to close out my YouTube Beethiven project. For this one, I have chosen one of my own downloads of the work, by Pinchas Zukerman and my local NAC orchestra.

Igor Stravinsky composed three symphonies, and one of them is, you guessed it, in C. The performance I chose here is part of the "Stravinsky 80th birthday" set, a project CBS and Stravinsky undertook 50 years ago where Stravinsky either conducted or oversaw the recording of all his major works. Igor Stravinsky conducts the CBC Symphony Orchestra. Here,as a bonus, is some of the rehearsal audio:

The final selection is Geoges Bizet's stiudent sympohony in C. Some of the themes he uses in this works found their way into some of his later stage works... Georges Pretre conducts the Vienna Philharmonic.

Happy Listening!

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