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  1. ITYWLTMT’s Klassical Music Kartoons

    (En français: )

    I don’t know about your childhood, but mine involved (probably too much) television, and especially cartoons. Before the advent of specialty cable channels like Cartoon Network, TeleToon, YTV and Nickelodeon, mainstream networks used to provide a wide range of cartoon programming on Saturdays.

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  2. An Internet Graduation Concert

    I participated recently on a forum thread that discussed a member’s studies coming to an end. I contributed to the thread by asking for musical suggestions appropriate to a graduation ceremony.

    My thinking at the time was more “processional” music, and I got a few ideas from the thread which finally ended up feeding a YouTube playlist of “Graduation Music”. The link to the playlist is:

    (Also featured on my YouTube Channel.)
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  3. How do you get your music these days?

    (UPDATE 2011-07-11 - Version française au

    This blog post is in response to an interesting thread I encountered, posted by Kjohnson on April 20, 2011.

    What an interesting topic! I have been collecting music for over 30 years and, indeed, technology has changed, and so has our ways of acquiring music. When I started (probably when most of us started) the technologie du jour was vinyl. From
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  4. ITYWLTMT's Tchaikovsky Festival

    On my regular blog, I have put together a three-week series on the Tchaikovsky's Symphonies 4 to 6, featuring the "definitive" recordings by Evgenii Mravinsky and the Leningrad Philharmonic.

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  5. "I Think You Will Love This Music Too"

    As of April 1 this year, I began blogging on classical music, and my (modest) music collection.

    The link is:

    Let me state up front: I am not a music expert, nor am I a trained musician. What I am, however, is a music collector and (in my own mind) a music enthusiast. I have been collecting music for well over 30 years – I own about 200 vinyl records, about an equal number of CDs and countless number of digital tracks that I have
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