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  1. Music Neuroscience References

    [I]Note: Please send me a PM to request an article you don't have access to. Alternatively, if you're a reddit user, make a request on [URL=""]r/scholar[/URL].[/I]

    I have taken "neuroscience" in this instance to be a catch-all term, as there are many different sub-fields covered, such as evolutionary musicology, cognitive musicology, biomusicology, anthropological and linguistic studies etc. Nevertheless, at the heart of all these
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  2. Music and Literature

    Hello y'all!

    As some of you will already know, I study literature at university. Owing to my love of language and poetry, this is what informs my passion for the [b]tone poem[/b] above all other types of music.

    Unfortunately, though I think it's imperative to understand the literature behind a literary-inspired piece of music - even if you listen to the music first before searching out the relevant texts - it's too often the case that people simply aren't interested,
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