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  1. Glenn Gould Plays Beethoven – Piano Sonatas 5-10

    Today’s Cover2Cover post launches a three-part series of shares of Beethoven piano sonatas. I avoided programming Beethoven so far in 2021, simply because we had so much of it last year for the 250th anniversary of the composer’s birth. However, one area we did not dedicate much Tuesday Blog posts on last year was the vast corpus (32 in all) of his piano sonatas, spanning the whole arc of his career as a composer. Over this short set, we will consider almost half of those – 15 in fact – which
  2. PTB Classic: Robert Schumann

    Today’s Tuesday Blog is the second of a three-part series where we consider the four symphonies of Robert Schumann. In this “PTB Classic” playlist, Sergiu Celibidache leads the Munich Philharmonic in a pair of live concert recordings featuring the second symphony and the piano concerto in A Minor.

    In the year 1845, Schumann embarked into intensive study of counterpoint with his wife, Clara. He began to compose away from the piano, as he noted in his writing: “Not until the
  3. Manfred

    We may have skipped the last quarter of 2020, but we are back with a new quarterly Tuesday installment of our ongoing series of podcasts – number 354 and closing in on our 365th later this year.

    The common thread between the two works featured today is Lord Byron’s dramatic poem Manfred. The title character is a Faustian noble living in the Bernese Alps. Internally tortured by some mysterious guilt, which has to do with the death of his most beloved, Astarte, he uses his mastery of

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  4. PTB Classic: Victor Herbert (1859 – 1924)

    This week's musing, another installment in our "Classic" series leveraging mash-up playlists as we did in the early days of the Tuesday Blog, was intended as an early St-Patrick's day present, featuring a composer of Irish descendance.

    As it turns out, I was wrong - and so was the composer for the longest time, apparently.

    According to my research, Victor Herbert's mother told him that he had been born in Dublin, and he believed this all his life, listing
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  5. 2021 Listening Project - Mar 2

    Ballade for Piano and Orchestra
    Michael Korstick, piano
    SWR Rundfunkorchester Kaiserslautern
    Alun Francis, conductor

    As with the Milhaud Etudes, this is more modernist (and less melodic) than I prefer, but I still thought this was OK.

    Orchestral Suite No. 3
    The English Concert
    Trevor Pinnock

    Here's what I though immediately upon listening. The Ouverture was immediately familiar to me, The Air
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